Osbournes' Hot Ice Still At Large; Family May Face Lawsuit

Talent company unhappy its name was involved in sticky public dispute.

The outspoken Osbournes may face a lawsuit for doing what they do best — shooting their mouths off.

Last week the family publicly accused a woman of crashing their New Year's Eve bash and walking off with a $15,000 Asprey diamond necklace obtained with an illegitimate raffle ticket, identifying her only as an employee of talent agency ICM. Now ICM is considering a defamation suit against the Osbournes for dragging the company's name into the quagmire.

On Monday ICM issued a statement denying the allegations made against its employee, since identified as Renee Tab. An ICM spokesperson said the company has investigated the matter and determined "a) Renee was invited to the Osbourne party; b) she won the raffle in a legitimate matter; c) there is no basis for the claims being made by the Osbournes. Accordingly, ICM believes the Osbournes owe both Ms. Tab and ICM an apology."

The Osbournes say Tab attended their casino-themed party at the Beverly Hills Hotel without an invitation. And since she was an uninvited guest, the Osbournes reason, the raffle ticket she used to win the necklace was obtained illegitimately, so they filed a theft report with the Beverly Hills Police Department on January 2 (see "Osbournes Say Their Party Soured By Diamond Thief").

A source close to the incident said Tab was one of three people invited by an unnamed but legitimately invited guest, a friend of Jack Osbourne. An Osbournes spokesperson denied that account and said that neither the accused nor the unnamed supposed invitee was on the guest list. The Osbournes are reviewing security tapes and have lawyers looking into the matter.

Sharon Osbourne said she just wants the necklace back. Upon its return, she intends to re-raffle it off, with the proceeds benefiting colon cancer research. She was diagnosed with the disease in July.

The family's publicist explained that the Osbournes' statement to the press last week identified Tab only as an ICM agent because they didn't know her by any other means. The publicist added that the family has nothing against ICM and respects it as a company.