'Dawson's Creek' Fans Can Make Customized Albums Online

Beginning Tuesday (January 7), visitors to www.dawsonscreekcds.com can create their own albums from more than 50 song selections.

The third installment of music from the hit series "Dawson's Creek" is out now. Fans looking in record stores for the new LP featuring musical accompaniments to the adventures of Dawson, Joey, Pacey and Jen will be searching in vain, however, as the album is only available online.

Beginning Tuesday (January 7), visitors to www.dawsonscreekcds.com are not only able to purchase one of eight pre-packaged CDs, they can also create a custom album from more than 50 selections, including cuts from singer/songwriter Aimee Mann, jazzy electronic dance diva Vanessa Daou and college-rock troubadour Howie Day.

For the lazy folks who want their decisions made for them, never has lethargy sounded so good. Among the eight pre-compiled offerings are titles such as Dawson's Picks, which features Daou's "Show Me," Joey's Favorites, with Day's "She Says," and Pacey's Songs, including "Underwater" by Switchfoot. The collection would be remiss without a requisite batch of love songs, and Dawson-Joey Moments and Pacey-Joey Moments should do well to split the show's fans into the old-school devotees and relatively green newcomers. The final disc of the set, Most Popular Songs, automatically groups the most-selected songs each month.

Each 14-track disc, custom and pre-assembled alike, will sell for $11.95.

The first "Dawson's" album, Songs From Dawson's Creek, was released in April 1999 and featured contributions from Paula Cole, Sixpence None the Richer and Jessica Simpson. It was followed 18 months later by Songs From Dawson's Creek, Volume 2, which included cuts from Evan & Jaron, Pete Yorn and Five for Fighting.