50 Cent Spends Chunks Of Change To Get Criticized By Eminem, Dre

50's debut LP to hit shelves February 11.

50 Cent spent tons of change while recording his debut album — just in stamps.

Every time the New York rapper recorded lyrics for his LP, Get Rich or Die Trying, he immediately sent the results by mail to his producers, Dr. Dre and Eminem.

"He'd send CDs to us and we was like, 'Yo, you should do this, you should do that,' Eminem explained recently on the set of 50 Cent's video for his new single, "In Da Club."

"They would fix it," 50 said. "I know that it's constructive criticism and I accept it easy ... [Eminem's] presence is dead for real, seriously."

Get Rich or Die Trying, originally slated for release December 3 (see "50 Cent Works With Dre, Em, Trina, Possibly DMX On Debut"), will now hit shelves on February 11.

Eminem produced two tracks — tentatively titled "Patiently Waiting" and "Don't Push Me" — for the album, and co-produced several more (see "Eminem Aims For Dre-Like Perfection On 50 Cent, Obie Trice, D12 LPs").

"In Da Club," due at radio and video outlets in January, is the follow-up to 50's breakthrough single from the "8 Mile" soundtrack, "Wanksta" (see "50 Cent Explains What A 'Wanksta' Is").