Slipknot To Break Up Before Becoming Gwar, Corey Taylor Says

Singer says masked band will only record one more album.

Slipknot/ Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor's recent comments on the Stone Sour message board regarding the status of his masked metal band have left a sour taste in the mouths of many, causing him to restate his position. Yes, Slipknot will only record one more album, but they won't part ways until after another lengthy tour, which could be years away, the singer confirmed to MTV News.

The controversy stemmed from a December 20 message-board post, in which Taylor wrote that the Slipknot camp is far from healthy and hardly unified.

"Do you know how many people from Slipknot I've talked to, besides [guitarist Jim Root], in the last six months? One," he wrote. "You wanna tell me how I'm supposed to feel upbeat about a band that is eating itself?"

Taylor stated that the band would definitely record one more album and then bow out before Slipknot became irrelevant and redundant. He emphasized that he's far too proud of what he's done with Slipknot to allow their accomplishments to be tarnished.

"We accomplished something everyone said we couldn't do," he wrote. "We put out two of the best albums, in my opinion, of all time. I believe we can go out on a high note. But as far as hanging out after we have lost our relevance? Never."

Taylor garnered the most criticism for implying that Slipknot's continued existence would turn them into a joke.

"I got one f---ing word for you: Gwar," he wrote. "I will never do that, and I would never let that happen to a band I bled and almost went blind in one eye for, not to mention nearly losing my voice and losing the ability to sing."

In a second post, Taylor defended himself against fans who reprimanded him online for dissing Gwar: "I love Gwar. I was [just] pointing out that they have not been prominent in the music scene for a long time. Sure, they tour, but when's the last time you heard about one of their albums being released. People stopped caring about their music and focused on the circus."

On New Year's Day, Gwar frontman David Brockie (a.k.a. Oderus Urungus) lashed out at Taylor in a written statement, criticizing him for being arrogant and misguided.

"You are always going on about how great you are — cut it out!" he wrote. "Do you think you're Muhammad Ali or what? I can just imagine your embarrassed bandmates' eyes rolling behind their masks, as you launch into yet another long-winded and ultimately asinine tirade, the delivery of which has unfortunately become your trademark. No wonder they don't talk to you."

Brockie added that Taylor's fear of losing relevance is whiny and his cheap shots at Gwar are unwarranted and inaccurate.

"Long after 'the Knot' has been reduced to a series of protracted legal battles, Gwar will remain an indelible blot on the fabric of our lives, and I will remain a dedicated, obscure, and in my own manner, relevant artist," he wrote. "People will eternally remember you as the scary clowns who had the lead singer that whined like a little bitch every time he got in print."

-- Jon Wiederhorn, with additional reporting by Iann Robinson