Hurricane Hits Set Of Rainy-Day Fozzy Video

Metal group becomes garage band when weather threatens to put out 'With

As Axl Rose once sang, "Nothing last forever, even cold November rain."

Maybe so, but Fozzy frontman and WWE wrestler Chris Jericho didn't have

time to wait out the rain during a recent video shoot for "With the


Jericho, a.k.a. Moongoose McQueen, and his band had planned to stage a

dramatic road sequence filled with stunt cyclists and sports cars

roaring down the highway, but inclement weather in Charlotte, North

Carolina, forced Fozzy to rapidly and dramatically restructure the


"It was a real case of guerilla filmmaking," Jericho said. "While we

were trying to figure out what to do, we drove past this parking garage,

and we decided, 'Well, let's just park some of those fancy funny cars in

there and play around there.' It wasn't what we were shooting for, but a

lot of times when you don't have a lot of time to make a video, you

gotta just do what you can to improvise."

Fortunately, when you're Chris Jericho, people are eager to meet your

needs. All he and his minions had to do was descend upon a nearby

shopping mall and they had a new cast within minutes.

"We went in there and asked a bunch of people, 'Would you like to come

out with us and make a video?' A lot of them did, so we had a pretty

good crowd."

The video for "With the Fire" was lensed by Scott Ross and co-directed

by Jericho, who also sang, wrote the treatment and choreographed. The

clip starts with the members of Fozzy sitting in a limousine, then

McQueen falls asleep and dreams that the band is transported into a

hip-hop video (see "Fozzy Robbed By

Jimmy Fallon, Return With Bling-Bling").

"It started out as having the ultimate heavy metal band thrust within

the confines of the cliché rap video, but it branched out into

something crazier than that," he said. "It became this very unique,

original spectacle that reminds me of a David Lynch film, where it's

very surreal and very strange but also really funny and very

entertaining as well."

During the video, a midget and a man in a pig mask escort the band,

bling-bling-sportin' booty girls pout and strut, McQueen puts the moves

on a senior citizen, and Jericho performs a synchronized dance

reminiscent of Michael Jackson's "Thriller," accompanied by WWE wrestler

the Hurricane.

"I kind of watched 'Thriller' to get some inspiration," Jericho

admitted. "And I used Hurricane because he's a white boy who can really

throw down. The dance part came out great. If anybody wants to hire me

to be a dance choreographer for the next Justin Timberlake video, I'm


In addition to the footage in the garage, "With the Fire" features

scenes shot in a club called Amos', which was also used as a location

for the film "Shallow Hal." While much of the video is tongue-in-cheek,

the song, one of five originals on the band's second album,

Happenstance, delivers a serious and life-affirming message.

"It's about harnessing the fire that's inside of your heart," Jericho

said. "[It's about] having that fighting spirit and having the courage

inside of you to do whatever you wanna do and to be the best you can