Master P Ordered To Give Granny Some Green

Geneva Burger, 80, unknowingly sampled on 1998 track by No Limit artist Magic.

Thanks to No Limit soldier Magic and the wave of a judge's gavel, Master P has to produce $105,000 for an 80-year-old grandmother.

Master P (real name Percy Miller) was ordered by Superior Court Judge R. Bruce Minto on Thursday in Pomona, California, to pay punitive damages to Geneva Burger, whose voice was unknowingly sampled on Magic's song "No Limit," according to the Associated Press. The tune appeared on Magic's 1998 album, Sky's the Limit, on which Master P served as executive producer.

At the beginning of the track, Burger is heard asking her grandson's friend, musician Johnny Lupo, about the dangers and addictive properties of marijuana. "When people get hooked on pot, can they get sick if they don't get it?" the Pomona resident said in the sampled snippet of telephone conversation.

Burger filed the civil suit in 1999, claiming she endured embarrassment and anxiety when she realized she had a role in a gangsta rap album.

Complaints were also made against Snoop Dogg, who raps on a verse of "No Limit," and the LP's distributor, Priority Records. The then-No Limit Dogg settled for $75,000, while Priority coughed up $300,000.