Mixtape Mondays: DJ Clue

  • Name: DJ Clue

  • Mixtape: Holiday Hold-Up

  • Hometown: Queens, New York

  • Joints to check for: "Hovi Baby" (remix) by Jay-Z, "Back Down" by 50 Cent, "Ice Water" by Raekwon, Black Child freestyle

  • Previous mixtapes: several — Clue's a constant presence atop the mixtape charts

  • The 411: Just in time for your holiday parties and family get-togethers, DJ Clue drops his final tape for 2002, Holiday Hold-Up, and it's chock-full of tracks to rock to over fruitcake and bubbly.

    First off, Clue feeds his Roc-a-Fella extended family by opening up the CD with a remix of Jay-Z's "Hovi Baby" produced of the Trackmasters. Elsewhere, Clue spreads holiday cheer to his Roc compadre Freeway's new track, "Where You At," as well as the latest work from his own Desert Storm artists Fabolous and Joe Buddens. But having dispatched with the niceties, Clue gets down to business — and in today's rap climate, mixtape business is all about showcasing the newest beef.

    In the opening round, Holiday Hold-Up features Foxy Brown's new "Get Off Me," in which the Ill Na Na wastes no time in jumping on Ja Rule and Eve. She first attacks Ja for a perceived snub on a morning radio show, rhyming: "Think I ain't hear this f----t-ass rap dude on Doug Banks in the morning? What kind of real n---a go at a broad? See the nerve of this coward." Then Foxy moves on to Eve: "The nerve of this bum bitch Eve, how the f--- you catch a brick with Alicia Keys?"

    Elsewhere, Foxy's mortal enemy, Lil' Kim, launches her own lyrical assault. On "Come Back for You," the self-proclaimed Mrs. White (a reference to B.I.G.'s nickname, Frank White) spits, "Trying to go against the queen, is you outta your mind? It's enough I gotta put up with this doo-doo brown chick."

    And after the ladies finish their catfighting, Clue lets the gentlemen follow suit. Stacking G-Unit up against Murder Inc., Hold-Up first features "Back Down" by 50 Cent. The controversial dis track was rumored to have included barbs against other big-name artists until Dr. Dre mandated that 50 tone it down. But Ja Rule is certainly spared no insults as 50 rhymes, "You's a pop tart, n---a, you soft in the middle. ... Jay put you on, X made you hot. Now you run around like you some big shot."

    Following directly after 50's tirade, Ja's honor is defended by Murder Inc.'s Blackchild, who freestyles over 50's "Wanksta" beat: "You a snitch n---a, you ain't gon' pop nothing. Pay a n---a to do it so you can tell a cop somethin'. ... Black[child] would never chirp like that bird to the cops. He got a camera in his cross, and a mic in his watch."

    Evidently, in Clue's mind, there's nothing that says season's greetings like the smell of roast beef.

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