Trust Company Writing New Album, Looking Ahead To Tour

Alabama band constantly writing songs, singer Kevin Palmer says.

Trust Company only just released the second single from their debut, but they're already working on album number two.

Singer Kevin Palmer said the Montgomery, Alabama, rockers have logged several ideas for the follow-up to The Lonely Position of Neutral, which has yielded the singles "Downfall" and "Running From Me" (see "Trust Company Rev Out Of Neutral With New Single, Video").

"We constantly write," Palmer said. "It's just something that we will always do, whether we are out touring or we are just sitting in our bedroom at home. ... It's a little bit harder than in the olden days to practice them and hammer them out. We used to go in the band room and just set up and hammer out these ideas, and now we are always on the road and we never get a lot of practice time. But we are definitely sitting in the back of the bus and we have our little four-track and we are recording all of our ideas."

As for what the new music is sounding like, Palmer said to expect more of the same Southern fried nu-metal they're known for, but with new twists.

"I think it's going to sound like us definitely, and it's going to have our sound, but I hope that we can take it to a new level and keep growing and keep growing and make it last as long as possible," Palmer said before performing at a recent radio station show.

Trust Company, who opened on Korn's Pop Sux Tour, will hit the road on their first headlining outing in February. "We plan on staying out as long as we can," Palmer said. "The road is where it's at."

Drummer Jason Singleton, who co-founded the band with Palmer, is looking forward to putting into motion some of what he learned from sharing the stage with Korn.

"Just watching the way they handle the crowd is an amazing thing," Singleton said. "And just getting them pumped up and keeping them going. You pick up on little subtle things like that and also just how to maintain yourself on the road, like little tricks not to wear yourself out."