Disturbed Re-Shoot Video, Plan Tour With Taproot, Chevelle

New version of 'Remember' clip more cryptic, has explosions.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — Disturbed weren't down with the original video they shot for their latest single, so David Draiman and company scrapped it recently and began again from square one.

The singer and the Brothers Strause (Linkin Park, Godsmack) directed the initial "Remember" clip in late September (see "Disturbed Sacrifice Their Girlfriends In 'Remember' Video"), but it "didn't come out the way that way we expected," according to Draiman.

Marc Webb (Unwritten Law, Green Day) handled the new, more "cryptic" version, which features more performance but still centers on the song's theme of the pitfalls of stardom.

"It's just basically revolving around the memories of a character that is separate from the band," Draiman explained backstage at a recent radio station festival (see "Audioslave Deliver Like Santa Claus, Creed Booed At Radio Show"). "It utilizes a lot of different imagery. I think there is an explosion in the ending sequence utilizing some of the band's equipment. And we are performing during a good portion of the video in front of a bunch of television monitors that are actually replaying events, memories in this character's life."

Like most of Disturbed's second album, Believe, "Remember" isn't a direct reflection of the success the band had with its debut, but is certainly influenced by it.

"You see things from a different perspective," Draiman explained. "Basically, the higher up the mountain you climb, the more you are able to see, and sometimes the more at peace you are with yourself, and sometimes not. But it definitely does change your perception and your vision."

Disturbed are taking a break for the holidays and will tour Japan and Australia early next year.

In the spring, the Chicago metal enthusiasts will launch the Music as a Weapon 2 Tour with Taproot, Chevelle and possibly one other band, along with a local opener in each city.

"[It's] just something that we want to do to kind of keep each area's local scene revived," Draiman explained. "We are going to have a competition and have bands battle it out to get that opening slot. They are going to be an unsigned act, so they are going to have the opportunity of potentially being looked at by myself and [guitarist] Danny [Donegan]. We have a label through Warner Bros., so we're looking for new talent anyway, and it's a good opportunity for them as well."

Also in the new year, Disturbed will contribute to the soundtrack to "The Matrix Reloaded" (see "Linkin Park, System, Disturbed In Running For 'Matrix Reloaded' Soundtrack"), though the band is still deciding how.

"Whether it's going to be a new original piece of material or whether it will be an existing track or even potentially a remix of an existing track, we do definitely want to have some involvement in it," Draiman said. "We're certainly fans of the first film, and from what we are hearing about how the second film has shaped up, it's looking to be something to be reckoned with."

By mid-year, Disturbed hope to release "Liberate" as the third single from Believe.

"We wanted to be able to kind of hit all sides of the spectrum, and we're probably planning on releasing it around the time of the summer touring season. It seems like a good summer touring song, you know, just straight-up metal," Draiman said. "I think that with whatever the situation will be in the summer, whether it is Ozzfest for us, which is a potential possibility, but nothing yet confirmed, or whatever else it may be, I can certainly see fires raging in the backs of the pits at the pavilion somewhere to that song."