Steve-O Ponders Jail, Hurriedly Works On Third Home Video

'Jackass' co-star due in court Monday to face obscenity, battery charges.

On the eve of the release of his second home video of dangerous and obnoxious behavior, "Jackass" co-star Steve-O said he's already working on his third.

"I'm just trying to get as much work done [as I can]," said the stuntman/entertainer, born Stephen Glover, who faces criminal charges in Louisiana stemming from a nightclub act gone awry. "If I am going to prison, like, I'm gonna just film, film, film, film, film, and just get as much work done as I can before that happens."

Glover hopes to plea bargain felony obscenity and principal to second-degree battery charges down to misdemeanors at his upcoming trial. If he ends up pleading guilty, he said, he won't be admitting responsibility to the injuries suffered by an audience member who was slammed headfirst into the stage during a stunt (see "Steve-O Out On Bond After Turning Self In").

"I never laid a finger on anyone," Glover insisted. "I didn't intend for anything like that to happen. If I could have done anything to stop that from happening, I would. It just simply wasn't a transaction that I was a part of. I knew it was messed up at the time, but I knew, number one, that we had everyone involved sign off on release forms that actually dealt with language concerning hazardous behavior. What happened, what was supposed to happen, what I proposed, took place, and then as an afterthought, completely unrelated to anything that I suggested, these bouncers picked this kid up and slammed him on the stage.

"I'm sorry it happened," Glover added, "but I'm not responsible for it. I simply didn't break the law."

As for the obscenity charge — for the act of stapling his scrotum to his thigh in a signature move called "the butterfly" — Glover said he's learned his lesson. He still plans to cite artistic expression and freedom of speech in his defense, but he isn't performing the stunt half-naked anymore (see "Knoxville Calls Beleaguered Steve-O An 'American Hero' ").

"[Now] I'll sort of stretch my [scrotum] across my leg within the underwear, and then I'll staple it," he explained, "and then wait for it to bleed through the underwear, and then the crowd goes crazy."

Glover said that while he's vaguely aware he has court dates on his calendar, he's not sure if he has to appear and he's leaving everything in the hands of his lawyers.

"It's good when you have money to pay for people to worry for you. Worrying doesn't really get you anywhere. I can't say that I don't worry — that would be a lie — but I try not to make too big a deal out of worrying. Assuming that all the lawyers do their jobs, then I won't even have to be there in person. I mean, I don't really know, I don't pay attention to it. I'm just trying to do stunts and film good footage."

Glover's next court date in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, is on Monday. If convicted, he faces up to eight years in prison, three of which would be for the obscenity charge. "The Steve-O Video Volume II: The Tour" was released Tuesday.