Master P Showing Off Gucci Ferrari, Helicopter In 504 Boyz Videos

New No Limit chief keeps earnin' with new Silkk the Shocker LP, Lil' Romeo, movie projects.

No matter how the makeup of his 504 Boyz changes, Master P always makes room for family.

Along with New Orleans MCs Magic, Krazy, Choppa, Currency and T-Bo, P includes son Lil' Romeo and brother Silkk the Shocker on the 504 Boyz's Ballers, due Tuesday, one week before Romeo's Game Time.

"My thing now is that making music and movies is about having fun," P said recently. "You want to enjoy, make money and do some of things you like to do."

As rap's richest rhymer, some of the fruits of P's labor are displayed in the 504 Boyz's surprise hit "Tight Whips," which is an ode to fly vehicles. In the video, some of P's flossiest cars are displayed.

"It's really talking about what we do in the city," said Choppa, who'll drop his New No Limit debut early next year. "A lot of people have tight whips, spinning rims. We just talking about our cars. It was fun. We shot the video out in Cali. ... P has this Impala that changes color and the rims keep spinning. We had a lot of hot cars from Jaguars to Bentleys, a Gucci Ferrari."

Master P will continue to expose his Gucci fetish in the 504 Boyz's next video, "Get Back."

"It's one of those big club songs saying the New No Limit is here," P explained. "We ... wilding out. That video, I got an elephant with a Gucci hat and some Gucci trinkets you put around an elephant. I got my Gucci helicopter in there. It's a party. You gonna see a lot of midgets in this video. It's gonna be a lot of club moving."

The gold-toothed mogul plans to keep booties shaking on his brother Silkk's new album, due next year.

"I took a little break off. I just wanted to do what I wanted to do," Silkk said. "Now I'm back focused. We're about 70 percent done. I think it's my best album I done. We have a song that might be a pre-single called 'You Eat, I Eat.' Then we have another one called 'Hey.' It's one of those big club records."

"You know me and Silkk started this from nothing and we brothers," P said, elaborating on "You Eat, I Eat." "It's just a song saying whoever got it, it don't matter. If I got a dollar, he got a dollar. If he got a dollar, I got a dollar. Blood is thicker than water.

" 'Hey' is one of those club songs with the big trumpets and horns. We had the Earth, Wind & Fire trumpet section play the horns in it. We been working to get [another] song done with Silkk and Alicia Keys. Hopefully we gonna make it happen."

P is also close with his other brother, C-Murder, who's awaiting trial for second-degree murder in New Orleans (see "Judge In C-Murder's Murder Trial Allows 'Previous Bad Acts' Evidence"). New No Limit's colonel is hopeful his brother will be exonerated during the pending court proceedings.

"C is definitely caught up in mistaken identity, but we're praying for him, and when he goes to trial hopefully the world will understand that this is something he didn't do and he'll be back with this family making records," P said.

Meanwhile, the 504 Boyz recently wrapped up their scenes for the movie "Hollywood Homicide," starring Harrison Ford, and a sequel to P's star-making 'hood classic "I'm Bout It" is in the works.

"We moved to California," P said of the script. "We tried to change our lives, but the streets kept calling us. We end up showing the world we still bout it! It's gonna be a big action movie this time. We gonna have a lot of major actors in the movie."

And despite all this going on, P still plans to return to the NBA. "Hopefully you'll see me January 1 shooting baskets for the Nuggets," he said. "My game is at the top of the level."