Kid Rock Has Two Albums Done 'And More To Come'

Pamela's squeeze plans country, rap, Kid Rock, Twisted Brown Trucker Band discs.

Don't worry, Kid Rock fans, your favorite trailer-park rapper isn't going Hollywood.

"It was cool," Rock said of filming his third and biggest role yet, in the upcoming "Biker Boyz," "but music is my first love."

Not only is Rock stepping away from acting, he's taking a huge leap back into music.

"I got two albums in the can and more to come," Rock said nonchalantly. "I want to do a country album, a rap album, another Kid Rock album, a Twisted Brown Trucker Band album and some other side projects."

One of those projects will be with his DJ, Uncle Kracker (see "Uncle Kracker, Kid Rock Make Like Bungled Beasties On Side Project"), and Kid said he's also working with a young country artist.

On Wednesday, Rock collaborated with Chuck D and Grandmaster Flash in a tribute to Run-DMC he orchestrated (see "Run, DMC Break Down At VH1 Awards; Ice Cube, Vanessa Carlton Confused By Trophies"). After the show, the rapper also revealed plans to honor Jam Master Jay.

"We're rocking the Adidas without the laces, and we're going to sign them and put them up on VH1's Web site and raise some money for Jam Master Jay," he said.

"Biker Boyz" is due in theaters in the spring (see "Kid Rock Chomping Donuts, Learning From Laurence Fishburne On 'Biker Boyz' Set").

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