Michael Jackson Not Charged By Berlin Police For Baby Balcony Incident

Authorities will not pursue criminal child endangerment investigation.

Despite outcry over Michael Jackson dangling his infant son over a hotel

balcony during his visit to Germany, Berlin police say that they're not

pursuing criminal charges against the pop star.

In Berlin to pick up a Bambi entertainment award, Jackson gave the world a

rare — and controversial — glimpse of his children. He took the

two oldest to the Berlin Zoo on Thursday, keeping them shielded from the

public eye by red veils, but it was his interaction with the youngest,

nine-month-old Prince Michael II, on Tuesday that prompted cries of child

endangerment (see "Michael Jackson Calls Baby-Dangling Incident A 'Terrible

Mistake' ").

Although a preliminary probe was launched to determine if the act constituted

child endangerment or neglect, Berlin authorities said they are not opening

an investigation into the matter. According to a spokesperson, the Berlin

police received several calls expressing outrage, but no formal complaint was


German child welfare advocates, the Child Protection Association, were

critical of this lack of prosecution, saying that Jackson was shielded from

the law because of his celebrity status.

"When it is someone else other than Michael Jackson dangling their child

above the street, there definitely would have been a prosecution," Katharina

Abelmann-Vollmer of the German CPA told wire services. "There is certainly

truth in the law that there is one rule for the rich and famous and one for

ordinary mortals."

Jackson apologized for the incident late Tuesday via his lawyer. "I offer no

excuses for what happened," his statement read. "I got caught up in the

excitement of the moment. I would never intentionally endanger the lives of

my children."

Jackson is due to return to California for his continuing testimony in a

breach-of-contract trial (see "Jackson Late To Court As His Lawyers Object To

Photographer"), which

had been postponed for his trip to Germany.