Trust Company Rev Out Of Neutral With New Single, Video

Band makes abstract video for cathartic track, "Running From Me."

Trust Company nearly killed the extras with high-force gales in their last video, so for their latest clip, "Running From Me," the bandmembers opted to be the ones to put themselves at risk — this time, for getting pneumonia.

The band took a break from its current run on the Pop Sux tour with Korn in October to film the clip, which singer Kevin Palmer describes as being more abstract than "Downfall" (see "Trust Company's Debut Video Blows"). "We're wearing wetsuits under our clothes and they're pumping in water," he said. "It's very, very wet."

Directed by Kevin Slade (Stone Temple Pilots, System of a Down), the video circles around the band as it struggles to keep playing while an onslaught of people — whose faces are sometimes hidden by odd, cartoonish masks — run toward them, but never quite reach them.

"The song is coming from the angle like you're caught in a dream," Palmer said. "Everyone's had the dreams before where you're running but you can barely move, or you're being chased, and things look familiar but they're kind of distorted. It's kind of hard to explain."

As dreams often are. But while the video's concept remains a bit intangible, the song's subject matter lends itself to explication a tad more easily. "Running From Me" — along with much of the material on The Lonely Position of Neutral — reflects the pain and confusion Palmer felt after his eight-year-marriage to his high school sweetheart ended in divorce.

Married since he was eighteen, Palmer said that he had a hard time accepting his now ex-wife's abrupt decision to end their union, and writing the album was the process that helped him heal.

"I wrote a lot about it because it consumed me for that period of time," he said. "You kind of get caught up in life ... you get up, you go to work, you come back home, you go to sleep, you wake up. This is your normal life, every day. When all of a sudden, it just changes one day, you can feel really lost. It's just a very lost and lonely feeling, even if you're surrounded by a lot of people.

"Whenever things are really weird or down, I write. So 'Running From Me' is a song dealing about me facing my fears. I felt like in order to move on, I had to just kind of face my problems, maybe stop feeling sorry for myself, stand up for myself."

"Come on, you've been through three divorces already!" bassist Josh Moates ribbed him.

"So far ..." drummer Jason Singleton interjected.

"I'm on my fifth marriage," Palmer joked, eager to lighten the topic at hand.

Even with the added levity, Palmer said that he's actually happy that what pained him the most is now turned into something that helps connect Trust Company with their angst-seeking fans, who gravitate to the band's throaty vocals and confessional lyrics, much needed relief from nü-metal's usual machismo.

"The funny thing is, whenever I think back now, I wasn't really thinking about how many people may actually be reading [the lyrics]," Palmer admitted. "You're just writing and trying to be honest with yourself, just get it off your chest. Sometimes I sit back and go, 'Wow.' But if it helps somebody else, I guess that's a cool thing."