Bloodhound Gang Discuss Their Post-Boobies Operation

Dirty-humor rockers finishing new album, releasing pair of DVDs.

Bloodhound Gang singer Jimmy Pop is still writing lyrics for the group's fourth album, but guitarist Lupus Thunder can guarantee one line will make the record: "Hook me up with some of the sh-- that killed Elvis."

Still amused by the line, Thunder explained from his Los Angeles home on Monday how the lyric was greenlit. "[Pop] calls me from Philadelphia and reads me a line. If I laugh, he knows it's funny. If I don't, he changes it."

So it's Thunder the world has to thank for such musical landmarks as the 2000 hit "The Bad Touch" and 1996's "Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny."

Lupus said the Bloodhound Gang are about half done with the still-untitled follow-up to Hooray for Boobies and plan to finish recording it in Florida in January.

"I think there'll be more of the synth-pop stuff, because it was a big influence while we were touring," the guitarist revealed. "We were in Germany all the time and they're big on bad, what I call, techno. There's some good rock, some metal. Jim's working on trying to merge the two, like the way God Lives Underwater did it."

The group is still hoping to collaborate with 'NSYNC (see "'NSYNC, Weezer Invited To Join Bloodhound Gang"), but the only guest so far is Chris Sutton from Isabelle's Gift, one of two bands signed to Pop's Jimmy Franks Recording Company (the other is Finnish band Her, formerly Him).

While Pop has "locked himself in his room to play with synthesizers," Thunder has also launched his own label, Four-Seven Media. His first act, Gustavo, featuring Bloodhound Gang drummer Willie the New Guy, is currently searching for a new singer.

In the meantime, Lupus has signed Lansing, Michigan's Powerface, which he describes as groove-oriented rock, and is in talks to re-release Will Haven's debut EP and a new DVD from the Sacramento hardcore band.

"It started off as the drunken ramblings of me and my roommates," Lupus said of the label. "They thought I was just being drunk and stupid, but I was pretty serious about it. I figured now that I've earned some money, might as well spend it on something fun and help out some bands I actually like."

As for the Bloodhound Gang's own DVDs, the much-delayed "One Fierce Beer Run" and "Hooray for Groupies," Lupus said to expect the first around Christmastime and the second early next year.

"They're the death of all of us," he promised. "There's shots of us screaming at each other. A few good fights. There's me throwing up, which is not to be missed."