Beyonce Working It With Missy Elliott On Solo Album

Destiny's Child singer's Dangerously in Love due in spring.

Beyoncé Knowles spent the week working — or rather, working it — on her debut solo album with Timbaland and a certain supa dupa fly producer.

"We just did a song last night called 'Wrapped Around Me,' " revealed a sleepy Missy Elliott last week. "Basically, she's saying she's not an extra chick, like she don't have to do nothing extra, like, 'I'll still have you wrapped around me.' "

Elliott said she and Beyoncé were still feeling each other out but compared the Destiny's Child star to another R&B artist she's produced. "Destiny's Child are incredible as a group, ... but now it's like you see the maturity in Beyoncé," Elliott explained. "Now she's this grownup woman like [how] you witnessed Aaliyah from 'Back & Forth' to 'More Than a Woman.' Her album is incredible. The songs that she's recorded so far is hot."

Knowles has also recorded a duet with Luther Vandross for Dangerously in Love, due in the spring, and she said recently she's been brainstorming on a variety of other producers (see "Beyonce Maps Out Destiny's Child Schedule: Tour, More Solo LPs, Hit Studio").

The singer will take a break in recording to embark on a short holiday tour with Destiny's Child beginning December 5 in Houston.

Elliott's Under Construction was released on Tuesday (see "T-Boz, Chilli Pay Tribute To Left Eye On Missy Elliott LP").