Ludacris Raises Funds For Kids, Promises Hard Next Album

Rapper's charitable foundation plans major fundraiser.

As Ludacris' entertainment career branches out, so does his charity.

The Ludacris Foundation, which has supported other kids' charities since it launched a year ago, has announced its first major fundraiser in Atlanta on February 5, just before NBA All-Star Weekend.

While the line-up for the event has not yet been announced, a spokesperson for the foundation said talented kids from the area will be involved.

Meanwhile, the rapper is hosting workshops this month at the Boys and Girls Club in Miami, where he is filming "The Fast and the Furious 2" (see "Ludacris Will Rule Road In 'Fast And The Furious 2'").

"We basically workin' with a lot of kids in the community ... we sponsor a lot of things as far is getting kids off the street," Ludacris said during a recent set visit. "Whatever time of the year it is, we wanna help out. Whether it's Thanksgiving, whether it's Christmas, it's all about giving back, and a lot about helping kids help themselves."

In the past, Ludacris, whose began his music career as an intern at an Atlanta radio station, has hosted motivational speaking events with organizations such as the Delaney House, the Red Cross and Gilda's House. The Ludacris Foundation also sponsored a basketball team at the For the Good of the Neighborhood organization's annual tournament in New York.

Ludacris said his third album, Chicken and Beer, is due next spring.

"It's gonna be the greatest album you ever heard in your life," he promised. "We just recording hella songs. We don't know exactly what we gonna choose just yet, so just know it's gonna be the hardest album you ever heard."