Nikka Costa Going For 'Rawer' On Next LP, Hopes To Nab Lenny Kravitz

Singer said to expect the as-yet-untitled album next summer.

Nikka Costa is working on the follow-up to her acclaimed major-label debut and is reaching out to a fellow retro rocker for assistance.

"I might do something with Lenny [Kravitz]," Costa said at the recent release party for Justin Timberlake's Justified. "I'm trying to reel him in, but you never know."

A few people Costa will definitely be working with are her husband, Justin Stanley, and Mark Ronson, together known as the Soundhustlers. Aside from working together on Costa's Everybody Got Their Something, which was nominated for last year's Shortlist Music Prize (see "Gorillaz, PJ Harvey Among Finalists For Shortlist Prize"), the trio have also worked together on Ronson's upcoming album.

"At the moment it's looking like it's going to be a lot rawer, you know, the real rock chick," Costa explained. "It's coming along really good. [There's] going to be some different colors on this one."

Costa said to expect the as-yet-untitled album next summer.

Everybody Got Their Something featured the singles "Like a Feather," "Push & Pull" and the title track (see "Nikka Costa Blowing Up With Album Due In May").