Timberlake Will Tour, But Not Until Summer

Justin tightlipped on whether he'll be working with 'NSYNC again soon.

Now that Justified is in stores, fans may be wondering whether Justin Timberlake will tour behind the record or go back to the studio.

And the answer is ... both.

Timberlake said Friday at the release party for Justified that he'll definitely hit the road, but his Jive Records spokesperson said it wouldn't be until late next summer (Click for photos from the party).

When Timberlake returns to the studio in the meantime, it may or may not be with 'NSYNC. Asked if the group would release another album, he answered, "I think so. You know, you kind of have to follow the creativity wherever it goes."

Timberlake later implied that his creativity is heading in the way of collaborations. Although he wouldn't reveal any details, it has been confirmed that he'll be featured on Mariah Carey's new Charmbracelet (see "Timberlake, Jay-Z, Cam'ron Contribute To Mariah Carey LP").

"I'm working on some stuff right now, but I don't want to say too much about it, just in case," he said. "You know, sometimes legal stuff gets in the way of that. I've been working with a lot of people, though."

For the last few weeks, however, Timberlake has spent all his time promoting Justified, including a concert in New York on Tuesday night (see "Justin, Avril And More Celebrate 'What's Next' At Teen People Concert") and his lavish release party, which featured go-go dancers and an ice sculpture of the "JT" logo on the CD.

"I have to thank the guys in 'NSYNC for that because if we wouldn't have sold those records, Jive wouldn't have had the money to make this party happen, so thanks, guys," Timberlake joked at the party.

Although you might expect him to be a little nervous about the album, especially going up against the "8 Mile" soundtrack, Timberlake said all he's feeling is confidence.

"I made the best possible album that I could make," he explained. "I'm happy with it. I'm not going to sit here and say it's the new sound and it's the whatever you wanna call it. It's just totally me and it's fun. I can make that promise. It is a fun record to listen to."

Justified's second single, "Cry Me a River," will be released later this month (see "Justin Tightlipped About Whether 'River' Flows From Britney").

For a feature interview with Timberlake see "Justin Timberlake: Justify My Love."

— Corey Moss, with additional reporting by Nick Zano