Presidents Back In Office; First Executive Order Is Reissue Of Debut

Goofy Seattle trio also mulling tour to support re-release of self-titled LP.

The Presidents of the United States of America have re-elected themselves for another term — the goofy post-grunge Seattle trio known for such hits as "Lump" and "Peaches" are reuniting.

The band now owns possession of the master recordings and the publishing rights for their self-titled debut, according to the Presidents' manager, and they're considering re-releasing it with new material. The disc originally came out on Pop Llama and then was reissued on Columbia seven years ago.

How they'll re-release it — via a record label deal or the Internet — is still being discussed, as is the possibility of releasing a companion DVD with footage of their last few shows, especially their farewell performance in Seattle in 1998 (see "Presidents Of The United States Of America Rock Farewell Address").

The Presidents — guitarist/bassists Chris Ballew and Dave Dederer and drummer Jason Finn — are also discussing touring or playing special events to support the re-release, something they've turned down for years despite numerous requests.

"This is still in the early stages," manager Staci Slater said. "They didn't want to play in the past because it was work. Now that they've had the time to go off and explore other projects, this is fun again, as opposed to a total job. Both Dave and Chris are really so excited about doing this again."

PUSA called it quits in late 1997 after Ballew, who had recently become a father, announced he was leaving to spend more time with his family and pursue other musical interests (see "Presidents' Frontman Becomes A Father" and "Presidents Of The U.S.A. End Their Term").

The band's members each explored separate projects with other musicians from such groups as Guns N' Roses, Fastbacks, the Posies and the Young Fresh Fellows. Collectively, PUSA's members also hooked up with Seattle rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot for a collaboration called Subset in 1999, which marked the last time they performed together. Ballew also found a new career in scoring and writing music for film, television and commercials, including "Scooby-Doo" and the upcoming "George of the Jungle II."