Ja Rule Masters Art Of 'Thug Lovin' ' Thanks To Karate-Kicking Bobby Brown

Video features kung-fu, breakdancing moves from comeback kid.

Even though he's not signed to Murder Inc., Bobby Brown is rolling tight with the likes of Ja Rule and Irv Gotti these days. Brown sings on "Thug Lovin'," the first single from Rule's The Last Temptation LP.

"That was [my idea], man," Ja explained. "I hear things. I hear voices in the music like instruments. The way I came up with [the chorus] was that I was watching 'A Thin Line Between Love and Hate,' and they played Stevie Wonder's ['Knocks Me off My Feet'] in the movie. I said, 'Damn, that's hot! I need to flip that!' So I flipped it: 'You miss my lovin', my thuggin' ... '

"I'm listening and I'm thinking and I'm hearing it," he continued, "[thinking,] 'What voice would go hot with that?' And then there's Bobby Brown dancing around in the [movie], and I'm like, 'Bob! Perfect!' "

The two shot the Irv Gotti-directed clip for their collaboration "Thug Lovin'" a couple of weeks ago in L.A. (see "Ja Rule, Bobby Brown Bored With Their Honeys, Take To Streets Of L.A."). Besides the duo abandoning their Bentley in the middle of the street to jump in another ride with some curvaceous honeys, you'll see them rhyming in a helicopter. Bobby Brown, who does a karate kick in one of the scenes, takes it back to his breakdancing roots.

"The video's right," Ja said. "It's right. I hope y'all enjoy it. I didn't know how to present the video to y'all, 'cause you've got Bobby Brown, who loves to perform, and the people want to see him on his feet. They don't want to see this n---a riding around in cars and playing dialogue. So I'm like, 'What do we do?' 'Cause I love to perform too. He says the perfect line at the beginning of the record: 'Alls we need is a stage, God.'

"We set up the biggest stages we could," he continued. "We shut down Hollywood Boulevard, and that was one stage. The top of [the CNN building], the helicopters were there on top of that building. That was one of our stages. The last stage was in the 'hood. I wanted to do it at the swap meet, but the police were just like, 'Hell no! I don't even care how cool you are. ... No, no, no. No swap meet!' So we picked a nice little area and we did it."

Ja Rule's video is scheduled to hit the airwaves this week. His fourth album, The Last Temptation, arrives in stores on November 19 (see "Ja Rule Takes On DMX, Sticks With Formula On Last Temptation").

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