Tom Morello Divulges Fate Of DMX/ Audioslave Collabo Tracks

One track to appear on 'Cradle 2 the Grave' soundtrack, another's status is tbd.

Ja Rule may think DMX is a "jealous crack addict," but Tom Morello and Audioslave were pretty blown away by the rap kingpin when he recorded rhymes for two of their songs, at least one of which will surface on a future soundtrack.

"He's awesome," raved Morello. "He's one of my favorite rappers of all time. It was such a thrill to find out he wanted to work with us."

Audioslave recorded "Here I Come," the first of two songs earlier this year while working on their debut album, which comes out November 19. Then they sent the track to DMX, who put vocals on top. Initially, the song was intended for the "Jackass" soundtrack (see "DMX Teams Up With Rage Against The Machine").

"DMX liked it so much, he wanted it for his album," Morello said. "So we decided to write another song for the soundtrack and came up with a pretty dynamic jam called 'Wrecking Ball.' "

After X put his stamp on the second cut, the song was slated for the soundtrack, but Audioslave decided to back out because the soundtrack was scheduled for release almost the same time as their album and they were afraid of cannibalizing sales.

"It's pretty rocking and it will come out somewhere, sometime in the future," Morello said.

A spokesperson for DMX said "Here I Come" will be on the soundtrack for the DMX and Jet Li film "Cradle 2 the Grave," which should be out early next year (see "DMX Vows Nobody Will Ever Kick His Ass Again").

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