B2K, P. Diddy Inject New Life Into Retirement-Home Dances

Lil' Fizz promises 'your great-grandma can bump' with their new single.

If you think B2K only make music for young girls with earsplitting screams, you're wrong.

"Your great-grandma can bump, bump, bump to it," Lil' Fizz promised of the group's new single, aptly titled "Bump, Bump, Bump."

"It's really a dance club song you can listen to on the way to a club or at the club," explained J-Boog.

"Or even at home, doing your laundry," Omarion added.

"Bump, Bump, Bump" was produced by a man who knows a thing or two about reaching a wide audience — P. Diddy. Puff also raps on the track, the first single from B2K's second album, Pandemonium, due December 10.

"It was crazy, 'cause we seen him at [MTV's] Beach House and every time it was cool, but this was the first time to actually be [with him] all day and vibe and get to know each other," J-Boog said during a break at a Burbank, California, recording studio. "And he's a real cool cat."

So far Diddy is the only guest on the album, which is about two weeks from completion. The same producers from the group's self-titled debut — Chris "Tricky" Stewart ("Uh Huh"), Troy Taylor, Platinum Status and Steve Russell — are back for Pandemonium, although B2K are playing a bigger part in the songwriting and arranging this time.

On Wednesday, for instance, while Omarion was laying down vocals in a recording booth, the rest of the guys were penning lyrics.

"The album is really built around us and who we are in a everyday life, what we didn't express on the first album, the things we've been through since the first album," J-Boog said, "so our fans can really understand what's going on with us and where we're at mentally.

"This album is going to tell all the ladies what B2K like and the things B2K don't like, as far as relationships," he added. "If you wanna know the way to our hearts, pick up our album on December 10."

Most of the tracks, like the just-logged "Sleeping," are about relationships, and a few tunes, including the title track, are about their whirlwind success.

"['Pandemonium'] basically came from our fans, all the things that happened over the last year with the B2K album," Lil' Fizz explained. "Knocking down everything, shutting down malls. Chaos everywhere. It came from the fans (see "Attention Mall Shoppers: B2K In-Store Canceled By Stampede")."

Unlike many groups who rise to stardom in a flash, B2K aren't taking time off to enjoy it. Anytime there was more than a night off on their recent Scream 2 Tour, the guys hit the studio. And the day after the outing wrapped, they were back recording.

"There was no break, but it kept us in the vibe of working," J-Boog said. "It's not like we had a chance to go home, get all fat and relaxed and have to hop up. We just kept everything moving. It's kinda cool, but I know for the third album, we gotta take a break, 'cause we tired."

And B2K aren't showing any signs of slowing down. While finishing the album this month, they've also shot the video for "Bump, Bump, Bump" with directors Erik White (3LW, Ludacris) and Chris Stokes, their manager.

"We wanted to go back to how we came back in the beginning, the sets and the big performance and displaying our dance," J-Boog explained. "We felt like 'Uh Huh' was the most us, and we wanted to get back to that. And we're going to stick to it."

The foursome, which also includes Raz-B, are even planning their next tour, a co-headlining jaunt beginning March 7 with IMX's Marques "Batman" Houston, Omarion's brother, who is releasing a solo album next year.

And then there's that other thing that occupies their time.

"We're single and we're looking," Omarion reminded fans (see " 'Uh Huh,' Ladies — B2K Are Single").