Snoop Quotes Pootie Tang And Cheers: 'Pimp, Pimp Hooray!'

Rapper's new LP, Paid the Cost to Be the Boss, drops November 26.

When you ball as much as Snoop Dogg, you need your own patented call to express enthusiasm when you're running your game.

With "sis boom bah" being as played out as polka dot shirts, the Doggfather has come up with another wholehearted yell on his new album, Paid the Cost to Be the Boss: "Pimp, pimp hooray!"

"Like a rose dippin' down the street/ Look so sweet/ Bumpin' to the beat," the Dramatics harmonize with Snoop on the melodic "Ballin'," which introduces his new phrase.

The odes to the oldest profession continue on "Boss Player," which features Archbishop Don "Magic" Juan, a notorious former agent to ladies of the evening, kicking off the song off calling for "Chuuch." He also testifies to Snoopy being the mack-aroni with the cheese. Meanwhile, the album's star freestyles and even quotes another player extraordinaire, Pootie Tang.

But as Don Juan proved by giving up his job years ago, having a cavalcade of girls can grow wearisome. Snoop, with a little help from the Neptunes, searches for real love on Paid the Cost's probable second single, "Beautiful."

"Beautiful, I just want you to know you're my favorite girl," Pharrell Williams croons on the hook. During the verses, the Dogg warns all who are sniffin' around his babe to keep their paws to themselves. "I get foolish/ Smack a guy who tries to pursue it/ Don't make Snoop Dogg lose it."

His idea of a dream girl? One who listens to Pat Boone and doesn't ask why he throws gang signs and wears dark blue. The love is vocally reciprocated on "I Believe in You," featuring one of Snoop's Doggystyle Allstars, LaToiya Williams. Over the slow, soulful piano strokes provided by producer Hi-Tek, Williams sings, "I know I'm gonna like what you're about to do/ Because I believe in you."

"I believe in you, too," Snoop hollers back. "I couldn't give you away no matter what my friends say."

The rap O.G. stays East Coast, teaming with sardonic track maven DJ Premier on "The One and Only." Primo uses a turntable to scratch up the lyrics "It's the one and only D-O-double-G," and his microphone-holding co-defendant tells some of his life story, including how he came from selling rocks to rocking crowds: "I stayed sharp and played my part."

Snoop and Death Row escapee-turned-Dogg House Records artist Lady of Rage play the part of Gotham City's caped crusaders on "Batman & Robin." When RBX, as Commissioner Gordon, puts the call out that villains are terrorizing the dark city, the pair start hoobangin', set out to bring heat to Mr. Freeze and even go after Two Face and Clay Face, among others baddies.

"When it's beef in Gotham City/ I got to flip," rhymes Rage, who's real name happens to be Robyn. "Robin, I'm more than a sidekick/ ... Switch on my utility belt/ Make your facility melt."

"No one can save the day like Baaatmaaan," the duo sing on song, backed by effects similar to the sounds that signaled somebody being hit on the classic campy TV show.

Snoop, who recently gave up marijuana (see "Snoop Says, 'It Is Cool To Say No To Drugs' "), equates giving up his chemical vices with breaking up on "I Miss That Bitch." "If you been in love like I been love," he begins, "One hit and I couldn't stop trippin'/ ... You used to have a hold on me/ ... I'm leaving you alone because you're driving me crazy."

The slim, trim MC, who also has guest spots from Jay-Z and Ludacris on the record, promises to never leave the West Coast alone on his new project, which drops on November 26.

"My main objective right now is to make the hottest record on the market when November hits," Snoop said a few weeks ago on the set of his video for "From the Chuuch to the Palace." "The West Coast rap game is sort of invisible right now. They need me to come back home and bring it back home. I'm'a do everything to make sure everything looks good and sounds good and feels good."

— Shaheem Reid, with additional reporting by Nick Zano