How Dirty Is 'Dirrty'? X-posing The Kinks In X-tina's Video

From masks and muscles to chaps and chickens, this clip's got it all.

Christina Aguilera is a very bad girl ... just ask her. Or better yet, ask anyone who's seen her much-talked-about video "Dirrty" from her forthcoming album, Stripped.

In the clip, the pop tart writhes about in revealing costumes and gets very close with several of her dancers (click for photos from the video). While that's pretty much de rigeur for pop music videos these days, a few of the concepts are a little more out-there (see "Christina's 'Dirrty' Makes Some Fans Ill, Others Hot To Eat Her Toes"). While Aguilera and director David LaChapelle may be familiar with the boundary-pushing images that pepper the video, not all viewers are. We decided to pull up a lounge chair, screen the video closely and file a full report.

:02 - Christina appears sporting chaps over underpants, exposing her derriere, a popular look in the sadomasochist community.

:26 - Christina is restrained in a cage, a method of restraint used by bondage aficionados.

:39 - On the wall behind Christina are signs in Thai script that read "Thailand's Sex Tourism" and "Young Underage Girls" (see " 'Dirrty' Christina Aguilera Video Thai-ed To Sex Industry"). Self-explanatory.

1:40 - Suddenly, Christina is dancing in a modified schoolgirl outfit, which indicates "age play," in which adults take on the role of children while acting out fantasies.

1:46 - We see a woman in a hooded mask. While this mask appears to be a Mexican wrestling mask, it is common for masochists to wear similar headgear.

2:34 - Christina and the woman in the mask engage in a boxing match. When women who aren't trained pugilists engage in a match for a group of men, it's known as foxy boxing. The focus is not on the athleticism.

2:52 - A male dancer rubs his groin on Christina. Let's move on.

3:05 - Redman, dropping by for his guest joint, passes by a man holding a chicken, standing near small cages, hinting at an afterparty cockfight.

3:25 - Redman also passes a smiling female bodybuilder. A small subset of men fetishizes the muscular body type.

3:29 - The viewer is treated to a scene of male/female mud wrestling. For many years, the sport of wrestling has been sexualized in bars and clubs with barely dressed women taking on men in pits of Jell-O, pudding, or in many cases, mud.

3:33 - Redman spots a fire-eating woman. We're not sure that's a freaky sex thing, but it's certainly freaky.

3:36 - Redman, still rapping, passes a group of people in bunny and chicken costumes, such as you might see at an amusement park. This would seem to be a shout-out to the furry community, people who are sexually attracted to furry characters and often dress like them.

3:46 - Christina and her dancers are getting wild in a men's room. They frolic near urinals while being sprayed with water. This seemingly unhygienic move may be a reference to "water sports," a term for those who find pleasure in getting wet in, shall we say, "unconventional" ways.

4:31 - Finally, a perfect endnote. Christina is spanked like the naughty girl she is.