Missing Boyfriends, Mysterious Videotapes And Chemical Misadventures In Theaters Friday

'Abandon,' 'The Ring,' 'Formula 51' open this weekend.

A hauntingly absent ex-lover, a scary videotape and an even scarier new Sam Jackson hairdo are all hitting theaters this week.

"Dawson's Creek" star Katie Holmes has the lead role in "Abandon" as a college student whose boyfriend has been missing for two years. Benjamin Bratt ("Traffic") plays a police detective looking into the case. Holmes, who has also starred in "Teaching Mrs. Tingle" and "Disturbing Behavior," will also star in the upcoming thriller "Phone Booth" alongside Colin Farrell (see " 'Phone Booth' Flick Faces Delay Due To Sniper Plot").

A bizarre videotape that seems supernaturally linked to several deaths is at the center of "The Ring," a remake of one of Japan's most successful films. Naomi Watts ("Mulholland Dr.") plays a journalist who discovers the tape and tries to figure out why everyone who sees it dies seven days later. The film also stars Martin Henderson ("Windtalkers"), who'll have a part in the upcoming Ice Cube biker flick "Torque" (see "Ice Cube Switching From Barber To Biker For Next Flick").

And finally, there's Samuel L. Jackson's "Formula 51," which sees the actor who rocked a bald dome in two "Star Wars" prequels, a small afro in "XXX" and a who-knows-what in "Pulp Fiction" sporting yet another eye-catching hairdo. He's an American chemist who gets into a series of comedic adventures while stuck in Liverpool.

All three flicks will be going up against the considerable box-office might of Anthony Hopkins' "Red Dragon," which has ruled the box office for two weeks (see " 'Red Dragon' Fends Off Newcomers, 'Swept Away' Fends Off Moviegoers").