Linkin Park, System, Disturbed In Running For 'Matrix Reloaded' Soundtrack

Prodigy, Zack de la Rocha could also be on LP.

If you're already freaking out about next summer's "The Matrix Reloaded," go ahead and take another little red chill pill, because the soundtrack to the sci-fi flick will be out of this world as well.

Among the acts producers are reaching out to for the companion album are

Linkin Park, System of a Down, Disturbed, Deftones, Prodigy and former Rage

Against the Machine singer Zack de la Rocha, according to a source at

Maverick Records. They are among the artists who will be asked to watch clips

of the movie for musical inspiration in the next month or so, the source said.

The movie, already tagged as one of next year's potential blockbusters, opens

on May 15, with the LP slated to hit stores on May 6. The album's music

supervisor is DJ/remixer Jason Bentley.

A separate soundtrack to the third movie in the trilogy, "The Matrix Revolutions," will be compiled to coincide with that film's opening in November 2003.

The soundtrack to 1999's "The Matrix" featured songs from Marilyn

Manson, Rage, Deftones, Rob Zombie, Prodigy, Monster Magnet, Ministry and