Disturbed Sacrifice Their Girlfriends In 'Remember' Video

Bandmembers recall what they've given up to get where there are in new clip.

The members of Disturbed really do believe in keeping it real.

Even though their new Believe debuted at #1 on the Billboard albums chart, even though they're touring with their longtime idols Korn, the Chicago metal quartet wants fans to recognize that stardom has its drawbacks.

The group's video for "Remember," shot two weeks ago in Los Angeles, depicts the bandmembers heading from the dressing room to the stage, and on their way they see scenes that remind them of the sacrifices they've made to get where they are.

"I would certainly tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that the positives [of being in a successful band] far outweigh the negatives," said frontman David Draiman. "But the negatives are difficult to deal with. While you can have sex, you may not be entitled to love. While you can have admiration of fans, you may lose touch with your family. When everyone else around you is challenging you and trying to knock you down once you've reached a lofty position, it takes that much more strength to maintain that position."

The same team behind their "Prayer" video (see "Disturbed Conjure Fire, Earthquakes For 'Prayer' Video") worked on "Remember." Draiman wrote the treatment and co-directed the video with the Brothers Strause (Linkin Park, Godsmack).

The first bandmember to recall the challenges of the past in "Remember" is guitarist Dan Donegan, who sees a father lean over to tie his little girl's shoe. This triggers a memory of a little girl Donegan used to care for from a relationship that has long since fizzled. Then bassist Fuzz sees two brothers fighting and recalls a conflict in his youth with his brother.

"[Fuzz] was practicing guitar in his bedroom and the noise was bothering his brother, who storms into the room, grabs the guitar — which is a symbol of what Dan is trying to achieve — and smashes it to pieces," Draiman said.

The hallways in the "Remember" video are filled with beautiful women, and as drummer Mike Wengren passes two of them in the dressing room, they start to make advances on him. The scene triggers a recollection of his ex-fiancée throwing her engagement ring at him and walking out because he refused to give up the band for her.

The final flashback belongs to Draiman, who, upon seeing Wengren mingling with the women in the dressing room, recalls his last serious relationship that ended in flames.

"My past love is caressing me from behind and I'm enjoying the feeling of that," he said. "But I break away in the last second because I, too, am no longer entitled to that. I, too, have been stripped of that. But we maintain our strength and make our way to the stage, which is what we've sacrificed everything for, and that's the culmination of the video: the live performance."

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