Flying Half-Amphibian With Pointy Ears Lands Movie Deal

Sub-Mariner is latest Marvel Comics character headed for big screen.

The Sub-Mariner is the latest Marvel Comics property to score a movie deal, following in the footsteps of the X-Men, Spider-Man, the Hulk and Daredevil.

In Marvel lore, the Sub-Mariner (a.k.a. Namor) is a half-human, half-amphibian prince from the lost undersea kingdom of Atlantis. He battles with the land-dwelling, ocean-polluting humans nearly as often as he protects them. Known for his hot-headed impulsiveness, brash courage and his persisting crush on the Fantastic Four's Susan Storm, the Sub-Mariner has pointy ears, wears scaly green swim trunks and can fly thanks to tiny wings that sprout from his ankles.

The Sub-Mariner project is part of a development deal struck between Marvel and Universal Pictures that promises to also bring Prime — a teenager who gains the power to transform into an adult superhero — to the big screen.

"With the masterful job currently being done on 'The Hulk,' Universal Pictures has proven to us that it has the vision and the creativity to bring our superheroes to the big screen in grand fashion," Marvel Studios CEO Avi Arad said in a statement announcing the pact with Universal.

"The Hulk," now in post-production, is due in June (see " 'The Hulk' Villain Promises Dark Psychodrama, Hulk Dogs In Upcoming Flick").

"Sub-Mariner will be an epic underwater tale of majestic fantasy," Arad continued. "Prime is a complete departure from the standard superhero story. With this film we are developing what we think will be Marvel's first superhero action-comedy."

"The Sub-Mariner" will be scripted by David Self, who turned the graphic novel "Road to Perdition" into a screenplay for the Sam Mendes film starring Tom Hanks. Don Calame and Chris Conroy will tackle "Prime."

Meanwhile, "Daredevil" will be the next Marvel hero to hit the screen, opening on February 14 (see "Affleck, Garner Open Up About 'Daredevil' "). A movie based on the Punisher is also in development (see "Punisher Is Next Comic Hero Headed For Big Screen").