Christina's 'Dirrty' Makes Some Fans Ill, Others Hot To Eat Her Toes

Aguilera's latest video seems to be turning off as many viewers as it's turning on.

NEW YORK — Offered her first peek at the new video from Christina Aguilera, Mashati Valez squinted into a small video screen perched on a Manhattan sidewalk and took in the pop star in all her "Dirrty" glory.

"My goodness, she's changed," Valez declared.

The New Yorker quickly and neatly summed up the reaction that most had after Aguilera's latest clip hit the airwaves on Monday. The David LaChapelle-directed video sees the young singer — clad in red panties, chaps and a bikini top — spar with a masked female boxer and writhe against an armload of female dancers while a shower drenches them all. And don't forget the cockfighting, mud wrestling, fire-eating, plushies, and female bodybuilding. (Click here for images from the video.)

It's a far cry from the "Genie in a Bottle" who first emerged three years ago. "I just get really bored with sticking to the norm and having the proper conservative image. That's just so not me," Aguilera warned while her new album was taking shape (see "Christina Aguilera: Not Your Puppet"). But steering clear of the norm seems to be turning off as many viewers as it's turning on.

"I think she's dirty," Minerva Materez observed. "She needs to go to church."

"She's trying to be like Britney Spears with all the guys dancing around her and being all slutty," Alex Castro said. "Seriously, she looks like a total ho ... She should just stick to what she was doing."

Of course, one man's slut is another man's dream come true.

"She's practically wearing nothing, but I like it," Matthew Morris said.

"She seems cooler, more of a party girl now," Donald McCarver said. "That's hot."

Others were even more enthusiastic.

"Wow, that's my baby's mama right there," Floyd Allen said while watching the clip. "Boo, I'll eat your toes, officially."

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