Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith Wanted For Schumacher's 'Star Is Born' Remake

Smith has been interested in project for quite some time, has said Lopez shares his enthusiasm.

Will Smith is burning with jealousy over J. Lo's hot career. Her star is shining so brightly, in fact, that it's making Smith horribly, inconsolably depressed.

At least that's what will happen onscreen if director Joel Schumacher gets his wish. He's looking to tackle a remake of "A Star Is Born," the classic story of a star in a slump whose spirits spiral further downwards when the career of a girl he discovers starts to eclipse his own. Smith and Lopez are two names that have long been attached to the project.

"Who knows if the movie will go," the "8MM" director admitted while out promoting the upcoming Colin Farrell thriller "Phone Booth." "[But] it seems [to be] a desire of the studio to do it. And now let's see if all of the ducks are in order."

Smith, whose "Men in Black II" was a huge summer hit, has been interested in the "Star" project for quite some time and he's said that Lopez shares his enthusiasm.

"Jennifer loves the concept," Smith told TV Guide Online in July. "What I like about Jennifer is that you could go Latin. The music and the environment could be the Latin world, which would be different from all of the other [versions]."

"A Star Is Born" has already been made into a movie four times, most recently in 1976 with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson in the starring roles.

"I know Will better than I know Jennifer," Schumacher explained. "I did a public service announcement for education with Jennifer and she was breath-takingly beautiful and charming ... Will I know better and we've talked about working together. And he's just a consummate gentleman and just a lovely human being."

Will Smith is currently in Florida shooting "Bad Boys 2" with Martin

Lawrence and "Bring It On" cheerleader Gabrielle Union (see
" 'Bad Boys 2' Co-Star Gabrielle Union Says Flick Will Be 'Crazy Action' " ). Lopez is currently filming "Jersey Girl," the latest flick from co-star Ben Affleck's buddy and "Clerks" filmmaker Kevin Smith. And Lopez has a number of other projects on her plate as well, including properties based on a popular novel and an online comic book strip (see "Jennifer Lopez Making A 'Dirty' Movie").

Nevertheless, Schumacher is both excited and curious to find out what it would be like to work with either actor.

"How will it change the process?" he wondered aloud. "Every actor you work with needs something different from you in their own way. Some people challenge you. Some people need a father, some people hate authority, some people need a priest. Some people just need somebody to let them know they think they're on the right track. Some people don't want to hear it.

"Every actor is completely different," he added. "And I have no idea what their needs will be, or what they'll want from me, or why they [may] throw their lot in with me. If I do it, I'll find out."