Madonna Escapes Electric Chair, Engages In Deadly Duel

Video for 'Die Another Day' as action-packed as Bond film.

Madonna is moving into the field of covert operations.

In her new video for "Die Another Day," the pop diva, lusty temptress and maternal nurturer becomes involved in a world of intrigue and espionage.

The song is the title track for the next James Bond movie, which opens in theaters November 22. The upbeat dance cut is filled with electronic flourishes and the stealthy, suspenseful vibe essential to all Bond themes. It will be released to radio October 7.

In the clip, which was shot in Los Angeles earlier this month by directing team Traktor, Madonna plays a secret agent placed in death-defying situations reminiscent of scenes from past 007 films. In one clip, she's strapped into an electric chair; in another, she has her head held underwater by double agents; and a third features the nephew of Harold Sakata — the Oddjob character from "Goldfinger" — flinging deadly bowler hats at Madonna as his uncle did to Sean Connery back in 1964.

In one highlight, a "good" Madonna dressed in white engages in a duel with her evil alter ego, who wears black. The scene makes reference to Madonna's cameo role in the movie as a fencing instructor (see "Madonna Will 'Die' For James Bond Theme, Possible Cameo").

The soundtrack for "Die Another Day," which features Paul Oakenfold and others, will be released November 12.