Fozzy Robbed By Jimmy Fallon, Return With Bling-Bling

Metal pioneers saw their music video treatment stolen, used on VMAs.

Don't believe everything you hear — Fozzy are no joke.

They're more real than even Spinal Tap, and their dramatic and sometimes tragic legacy continues with the release of a new CD, Happenstance, a new video, and, as always, new frustrations.

After a long history of having their music stolen while they were trapped in Japan in the '80s, Fozzy thought their days of battling plagiarists were ancient history. They say they even secured signed apologies from members of Dio, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and other acts who had pilfered and scored huge hits with Fozzy songs. But just as the band was preparing to shoot its first big-budget video for either "Happenstance" or "Crucify Yourself," Fozzy claim their video idea was stolen while their backs were turned.

The band had hired WWE pro wrestler Chris Jericho (who bears a striking resemblance to Fozzy frontman Moongoose McQueen) to pen the video treatment, and the muscular metal fan concocted a story line that spoofed "American Idol." In the clip, Fozzy were to be filmed auditioning for a panel of judges to prove once and for all that they were the kings of metal.

Unfortunately, Jericho asked an intern to photocopy the treatment before it was distributed, and Robert John — president of Fozzy's label, Megaforce — swears the pimply teen turned out to be a spy for Jimmy Fallon, who filched the plot for a comedic music sketch at this year's Video Music Awards. And the rest, as they say, is history ... or at least Fozzy's brand of rock and roll fiction.

"I can't understand why Jericho trusted that weasel with the papers," John said. "It was a crushing blow after the weeks of preparation that had gone into the video. With Fozzy foiled again at the high point of their career, having just released their new CD, Happenstance, we had to return to the drawing board and look for another concept."

Fozzy now plan to go with a story line that would drop the bewildered band onto a bling-bling flauntin' hip-hop set. And while it took awhile for the band to forgive Jericho for allowing their last treatment to leave his sight, they've agreed to consider allowing him to direct.

"You know those cliché rap videos that you always see?" asked Fozzy singer McQueen (who bears a striking resemblance to WWE pro wrestler Chris Jericho). "We're doing something like that where there's the bouncing car, the pit bulls on a leash and all the dancing girls. The whole deal. It's the next step in our plan to take over the world and Fozzify the globe."