LL Cool J Talks Sex And Drugs, Puffy Gets Slammed, Mariah Makes Fans Cry: This Week In 1997

This week in 1997 rapper LL Cool J had just published his autobiography, "I Make My Own Rules," which was issued in two versions — one G-rated, the other for adults only.

In the book, LL wrote explicitly about his personal life, sharing somber details of being physically abused as a child by his stepfather and horrific accounts of robbing and assaulting people while in his teens. The autobiography also contained an entire chapter — only in the adult version — about the outrageous sexual liaisons with rap groupies and LL's obsession with pornography, a side to the rapper that many hip-hop fans over the previous 13 years never knew.

"How can I talk about it while I'm doing it?" LL said about why he hadn't divulged this part of himself sooner. "Who would I have helped? The truth had a season."

Cool J also provided graphic details of his drug use.

"I smoked angel dust. I smoked coke," he said. "I did a lot of things ... and the only reason that I'm able to stand here right now is because I stopped doing it. I'm feeling great about that. That makes me feel good. I'm rejoicing over this. I'm rejoicing being able to share the world and tell the world I did drugs, I carried guns. I did a lot of bad things. If I didn't tell the truth about my sex life or tell the truth about drugs, tell all that negative stuff, nobody would even be interested in this book... because it would be fluff to them.

"You gotta expect to sacrifice, you gotta sacrifice something," he continued. "You gotta get judged. People are gonna judge but it's gonna help people. It'll help kids."

Puffy Combs spent some quality time this week in 1997 churning out a rock remix of his track "It's All About the Benjamins" with Foo Fighter Dave Grohl sitting in on guitar and drums. While hard at work, the artist not yet known as P. Diddy was being verbally assaulted by none other than the Rolling Stones' Keith Richards.

"What a bereft imagination. What a piece of crap," the mumbling guitarist said of Puffy's practice of heavy sampling, specifically on his track "I'll Be Missing You." "Come up with something of your own, you know what I mean? That's what it's all about. What's the point?"

Puffy's response?

"He must've been high when he did that interview, but I forgive him."

Mariah Carey sailed into a New York City record store to talk about the release of her new album Butterfly. Her fans were out in full force to support their favorite diva.

"There are a lot of fans out there and it's amazing," Carey said. "It's still hard to handle and deal with and believe that people are all coming to see me, 'cause I'm still just a regular girl, but I'm grateful to them and I'm looking forward to going down and seeing them in a minute."

"[It would be so great] just to see her, just a glance of her," one female fan said, "because she's wonderful. She has a beautiful voice, a nice heart and she's good to people."

"I'm very excited, I love Mariah," another female fan said, in tears. "I wanna be Mariah. I'm gonna meet Mariah, guys. I will."

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