BBMak's Fast Track Helps Rid Them Of Pressure

Group struggles to avoid stress over possible sophomore slump.

Although BBMak's latest single, "Out of My Heart," which recounts the early stages of a romantic relationship, came together faster than most of their songs — it took a little over an hour to write, according to Ste McNally — the other nine tracks that comprise Into Your Head weren't rendered as quickly.

The pop trio started writing their second album, the follow-up to 2000's Sooner or Later, last August, and began recording in January, a process which took them nearly six months. Employing a total of 15 studios — eight in the U.K. and seven Stateside — wasn't the only thing that slowed things down; feeling pressure to avoid the dreaded sophomore slump didn't exactly speed things along.

"I think [that for] every band that has a successful first album, there's always a little bit of pressure to come up with the goods, come up with the hits," Christian Burns said. "Our first single, 'Out of My Heart,' was one of the first songs we wrote for the album, so it eased a bit of the pressure off."

If knowing that the quickly hashed "Out of My Heart" was a solid lead single alleviated some pressure at first, the band is convinced deciding on its successor, which Mark Barry expects could be either "Staring Into Space" or "Sympathy," will be stressful. But no matter how much weight and worry they feel now, it doesn't compare to what it took to initially get their group off the ground.

"We had to meet every fan, go everywhere to see everybody," Barry remembered. "This time people know about BBMak, people know who we are. ... And the radio stations picked up the single really quickly, so it's been a lot easier, but it's always a constant struggle to make sure you get heard."

BBMak have just wrapped up a promotional tour in Canada, and, after some domestic media exposure, it's off to Japan in October to further spread the word about Into Your Head. A U.S. tour is expected to commence upon their return.

Despite choices and tribulations that await them, BBMak are enjoying their ride and appreciating their fortune and fans to the fullest.

"Before we had a record deal, we didn't have two pennies to rub together," Burns said. "And now we've got a few pounds in the band. It's like people are just throwing free stuff at us. It's great. And we get to travel the world. It's been an amazing career."