Truth Hurts Not Letting R. Kelly's Troubles Change Her Game Plan

Singer's second single will still be 'The Truth'; video shot without R. Kelly.

R. Kelly's recent legal problems threw quite a monkey wrench into Truth Hurts' game plan.

The singer had big aspirations for the second single from her album Truthfully Speaking, "The Truth," which features the legally embattled crooner.

"We knew what song we were going to use, then all that drama happened with R. Kelly," she explained on Wednesday about following up her smash "Addictive." "We always felt that ['The Truth'] was just as strong, it was just a little more urban. A lot of people felt it was stronger. [But then] that issue came up and kind of destroyed our hopes of what we was going to do with that song" (see "Truth Hurts Onslaught Includes R. Kelly Duet, Dre Remix").

Truth's dreams haven't been completely shattered, though: She's putting out her second single as planned, and even shot a video for the clip recently in Los Angeles with director Brian Barber.

"We kind of went with a couple of different concepts," she said of the vid, in which Kelly will not appear ("Nah," Truth said, "I don't know what he's doing.") (For full coverage of the R. Kelly sex tape scandal, see "The R. Kelly Reports.") "One of them was the 'Two Can Play That Game' thing. We didn't want to do that whole bitter girl thing, we wanted a twist to a man cheating on a girl and a woman's reaction to that. So we kind of followed the guidelines of that movie. It has a little comedy in it. It's gonna be cute.

"We tried to reenact the scene that they did where Vivica Fox and Mo'Nique and her homegirls were sitting there talking about men," she continued. "We have Mo'Nique in the video in that little part. Two or three of my girlfriends were in it. We had so much fun, we didn't even know we were working."

Away from the camera, Truth is very familiar with grindin'. She recently came off the Smokin' Grooves Tour (see "Outkast, Roots, Lauryn Hill Close Out Smokin' Grooves Tour") and she's going back on the road with Jaheim as the opening act on the Seagram's Gin Tour.

"It's been cool," she said about promoting her album. "It hasn't picked up the way we hoped it would, but as far as the reaction from people, it's a lot of respect given and that's more important to me than record sales."

Just when beat surgeon Dr. Dre will be giving people a taste of his own musical medicine is still far away from being determined, but his singing protégé said he's going to offer quality material.

"It sounds good, it sounds excellent, actually," Truth said of the little she's heard from the Dre album. "I like the direction he's going in. I've only heard a few [songs] and they were tracks in the making. The tracks were ridiculous. I think he's actually getting started now, getting into the groove of it. It takes him a while, he has to get in the whole mindset. It sounds a little more future than what Dre has been doing, but they are still ghetto, of course. Still his stee-lo. And he's working with other producers."

After the Seagram's Gin run, Truth, who also wants to get back into acting, says she's going on a tour of the House of Blues venues that will hopefully kick off in December. From there, it's back in the lab for her second album.

"I'm about to start it," she divulged of her next release. "They want it out by next summer. That's how Dre works."