Brittany Murphy's Multiple Personalities Caught On Tape

Actress can't resist becoming cartoon character when talking about her upcoming projects.

Will the real Brittany Murphy please stand up?

"What's that line again?" Murphy wonders aloud as she stares into an MTV News camera, adopting the voice of her "King of the Hill" cartoon character Luanne. "You think you know, but you have no idea."

She holds up a copy of New York magazine with her picture on the cover. "[The] poor man's 'Diary,' " she says, referring to the MTV show that gives a peek into stars' daily lives. "Murphy? She's such a little twit. ... People tell me that I look like her sometimes, though."

It's 4 a.m. and Murphy's wandering the New York set of "Molly Gunn," the first major motion picture to give the blonde bombshell top billing. A handful of her friends and coworkers are asleep on couches in her trailer. Thanks to a fridge stuffed with Mountain Dew, Murphy's as energized as ever, as pumped up as she was the night she flipped off Eminem during his performance at the MTV Movie Awards.

Like most mornings, Murphy's incredibly animated, just like her bubble-headed character in "Clueless" or the crazy-girl-with-a-secret she played in "Don't Say a Word." Last year's Michael Douglas thriller catapulted Murphy into the limelight, landing her roles in the Ashton Kutcher comedy "Just Married" (see "Ashton Kutcher, Brittany Murphy Talk About Being 'Married' "), "Molly Gunn" (where she plays a down-on-her-luck rich girl forced to look after a 9-year-old) and Eminem's forthcoming "8 Mile" (see "Eminem Fuels Romance Rumors, Fights Acting Jitters On '8 Mile' Set").

"Eminem is incredible in [the] film," she says, taking a moment to relax between "Molly Gunn" takes. "His acting is unbelievable. And Curtis Hanson is an incredible director. And it's just beyond the pale, amazing. It's one of those things in life that you're about to be part of something important and that will change some things. I think this is an important film to be made."

"8 Mile" hits theaters in November, but right now "Molly Gunn" has Murphy's undivided attention. That, and the "poor man's 'Diary.' "

"See they pick me up in the morning, right, in this big, black Expedition," she says as Luanne. "And they bring me over to works. And sees, then I go over to the hair and makeup chairs and they make me look like a pretty girl for my mom, and then I go in front of the cameras and they ask me to, you know, like have emotional moments sometimes.

"So these are some of the tribulations and trials I have to go through at work," she says with a wide grin. "But they pay me a lot of money, so I deal with it."