Enrique Iglesias Gets Women Swooning At Tour Kickoff

Singer launched U.S. tour outside of Boston on Saturday.

MANSFIELD, Massachusetts — The tide came in for Enrique Iglesias as he launched his U.S. tour at the Tweeter Center outside Boston Saturday — in the form of excited women who washed forward into the aisles every time the crooning heartthrob approached the stage platforms which jutted into the crowd.

When the vocalist returned to center stage, the tide would calmly retreat until the next cycle. But the screams rarely waned in the largely female audience of 8,000 which greeted Iglesias' fall foray into U.S. amphitheaters and arenas.

The screeching began as soon as the house lights went down and silhouettes appeared on a white scrim hiding the stage. The guitarists were most noticeable at first, posing with their instruments lifted over their heads. But before he sang a note, the women spotted Iglesias emerging from behind the drum riser.

Soon the 27-year-old singer parted the curtain with a sly smile, sporting a tan knit skull cap, a white T-shirt and distressed brown leather pants. He rolled his fingers and pointed skyward, goading fans to take their energy higher, and broke into such instant crowd-pleasers as "Love 4 Fun" and "Bailamos," singing "Let the rhythm take you over ..."

Fans screamed louder when Iglesias' hand drifted low on the skirt of one of his three backup singers during a semi-duet of "Could I Have This Kiss Forever." And when he invited a fan onstage for an encore of his hit ballad "Hero" and first touched her hands, thousands of women reacted as if it were their hands he had just touched.

"This is the best concert I've ever been to," said Katie Fillion, 16, of Norton, Massachusetts. Sarah Baker, 22, of Boston, added, "All his songs, they're romantic. They make me either want to be with my boyfriend or be with him."

Iglesias concentrated on his English repertoire during the 105-minute show, though he dipped into Spanish for a mid-set acoustic segment where he sat on a stool, flanked by the two guitarists in his seven-piece band and backed by candles on a video screen. At that point, with the reverb tempered in the sound mix, he seemed more focused on his phrasing, and confidently hum-scatted a few choruses in falsetto, including a climactic snippet of Prince's "Purple Rain."

Jeanette Bombiela, 29, a Boston fan whose parents listened to Enrique's father, Julio Iglesias, said, "I think there's more meaning when he sings in Spanish. You can feel it more. There's more soul. But his English is really good also."

Iglesias continued to work the tide after the acoustic break with uptempo set-closers "Don't Turn Off the Lights" and "Escape." The band was well-rehearsed (even though Iglesias chided one of his guitarists twice about his tuning during the acoustic break). And the encore was rounded out with the '80s feel of "Be With You" and Depeche Mode's "Just Can't Get Enough," which ended with a blizzard of white confetti.

Rick Torres, 37, of Swansea, Massachusetts, playfully rolled his eyes during the encore. "My wife went to the Stones with me Tuesday night, so I'm going to Enrique tonight."

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