Run-DMC Plan Return To B-Boyism On Anniversary LP

Group writing new material on back of tour bus while on the road with Aerosmith, Kid Rock.

The Kings of Rock want to prove that after two decades in the game, they will still be, well, rockin'.

"Next year is actually Run-DMC's 20th anniversary," DMC said last week in New York, jogging the memory of anyone who forgot. "Twenty years in the game. We're on a tour right now, Run-DMC, Kid Rock and Aerosmith. While we’re on the tour bus, we're writing the Run-DMC 20th-year anniversary album.

"It's gonna be rock/rap and it's gonna be b-boy," he added. "We're gonna take it back to the essence of the beat and rhyme like 'Sucker M.C.'s' and 'Beats to the Rhyme.' It's gonna be some R&B, radio-friendly [songs too], but we're taking it back to the b-boyism of the whole rap nation. Once we finish the album, we're gonna follow it up with a Run-DMC 20th anniversary tour. We're gonna bring everybody that ever touched the mic on the road for various dates."

While P. Diddy ("Puffy is b-boy as hell," D asserted) and Rick Rubin are at the top of the desired-producers list for the trio of Reverend Run, Jam Master Jay and DMC, the group would welcome other beatsmiths with open arms as long as they come correct.

"[We want] anybody else that’s gonna give us rawness," DMC insisted. "We don't want the norm."

DMC, who notes DMX as the rapper he's feeling most these days, said the adrenaline rush they get from performing on the same stage with the rock stars is inspiring his and Rev Run's lyric-penning.

"You got three generations of music: Aerosmith, Run-DMC and Kid Rock," D marveled of the tour (see "Crazy Cryin' Cocky Cowboys: Aerosmith, Kid Rock, Run-DMC Rock Jersey"). "You got no color boundaries and this is what the world should be like. Everyone unified for one purpose and one cause. It’s a beautiful thing. But when it comes to [performing] the music, we're tearing sh-- down."