Unwritten Law Guitarist Injured In Alleged Bomb Attack

Steve Morris' arms and eardrums damaged by homemade device.

Unwritten Law guitarist Steve Morris suffered a concussion and damage to his eardrums and arms when two homemade bombs exploded at his home on Thursday.

The devices were allegedly planted by Morris' 21-year-old neighbor, Martel Ridge Duvigneaud, according to a spokesperson for the San Diego Sheriff's Department bomb and arson squad. The guitarist had been involved in an ongoing dispute over noise with his neighbor, and the two had been told by the staff of their apartment complex not to have further contact.

Due to Morris' injuries, the band canceled dates in Seattle, Portland and Boise, Idaho, over the weekend. The group resumes touring Tuesday night (September 3) with a show in Chico, California, at the Brick Works.

"He planned this for a week and tried to kill me with a bomb," Morris said in a press release. "I can't believe someone would go to these lengths over a domestic dispute about noise levels."

A police officer and security guard suffered temporary hearing loss and a handyman also sustained hearing damage and lacerations on his arms in the incident.

The explosives, made with dry ice packed into a plastic soda bottle, were thrown at Morris' front door and onto his balcony. Morris took the latter, which failed to detonate, and put it into his freezer as evidence to show his landlord, according to police.

After the second bomb detonated outside his front door, Morris called police and a security service. Officials asked to see the first device, which exploded in the hands of the handyman. Morris suffered a concussion, fluid in his eardrums and injuries on his arms from the debris in the blast.

Duvigneaud was arrested and charged with a felony count of making an explosive device.