Eve Eyes Nelly Tour, Talks Drama With Dr. Dre

New album, Eve-olution, represents musical growth.

Eve shouldn't feel too bad. It happens to the best of them: Eminem, Snoop Dogg, even Jay-Z. If Dr. Dre isn't 100 percent satisfied with what an MC has in store for one of his tracks, he'll send them back to the drawing board.

" 'Satisfaction' was actually one of the last songs that I did," Eve said on Monday about the forthcoming Dr. Dre-produced second single from her August 27 release, Eve-olution. "I actually was getting ready to walk out the studio. I had a headache, I was stressed out. I just was like ... working with Dre ... me and Dre got this love/hate relationship. Every time I write a song [for him], it's the hardest song I wrote. Like 'Blow Your Mind'; it just was drama.

"I was like 'I'm leaving, I don't want to be here,' but we talked and I was alright," she commented on the "Satisfaction" session. "I got calm again. We have a brother and sister-type relationship. I love Dre to death 'cause he gave me my first chance and he's so dope."

Dre also produced "What" off the album, where Eve declares to be the illest female on the mic while Truth Hurts cheerleads for her on the chorus.

"That song was actually recorded for Scorpion," the Philadelphia native revealed. "It didn't make Scorpion because I already had two songs from Dre. We decided to put it on this album and it fit in perfectly."

Swizz Beatz's willingness to expand from his signature demonic bounce beats meshed flawlessly with Eve's desire to take her fans someplace new.

"My ear has changed," she explained. "I've always loved music, but if all you're ever surrounded by is hip-hop and drums and hi-hats, that's all you know. By me traveling and being in different circles, my ear has opened up to different types of music. There's a song that Swizz did called 'Party in the Rain' that's totally different from anything that Swizz has done.

"It's a growth for all of us," continued Eve, who'll be featuring a live band when she does a handful of television performances including "The Tonight Show" in the next few weeks. "I feel that people have to incorporate other music into hip-hop; it makes us bigger, it crosses us over. We have to get back to music; music is where it started. It shouldn't just be a drum from the machine. People should be in the studio playing drums and playing the guitar. That just adds to it."

Without LOX members Styles and Jadakiss adding their guttural linguistics to "Double R," the song would not have been complete.

"Swizz brought me the track. Instead of going the pretty route, I wanted to go the street route and [get] thugged out," she said about Swizz's beats, which include guitars and Morse code-reminiscent beeps.

"When I heard the track, I was like, 'I need something else on it.' Then Styles and Jadakiss just popped in my head. It's kind of different from what Styles usually does. I really wanted Styles on it because it would take him out of what he's used to. The hook ain't pretty, but the music is pretty."

Nothing looks prettier than an extra check with a handful of zeros on it. Eve's hoping that she'll be able to stack her funds with tour money as part of the Nellyville outing, which has been pushed back from its original September 26 start in Worcester, Massachusetts to a kickoff on October 3 in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

"I'm supposed to be doing this Nelly tour," she revealed. "We're kind of almost there, but I'm not sure. We're waiting on some things to be worked out."

Eve's also waiting on her next big Hollywood gig to pop off. After a brief appearance in "XXX" and a hefty part in "Barbershop," she's hungry to go back in front of the cameras, but she's only going with what's appetizing.

"Those sequels are in the works so I'm trying to see what's happening," she said. "I have other scripts on the table. I have some people writing scripts around me. I'm just holding back right quick and just making sure I pick the right thing for me, especially coming from 'Barbershop.' I don't want to be boxed in as a ghetto girl. I want to be able to do all types of stuff."

Now that her album is done, she'll also be able to do more collaborations. She's featured on Trina's Diamond Princess LP, is getting ready to contribute to Charli Baltimore's upcoming The Diary (You Think You Know ...) with "Philly's Finest,' a remake of the classic Jay-Z and Notorious B.I.G. duet "Brooklyn's Finest," and has also collaborated with Christina Aguilera on the singer's next project.

"I'm on Christina Aguilera's new album," she said. "I can't remember the name of the song. It's real hot, though. It's a girl's anthem."