Snoop Dogg (A.K.A. Snoop Scorsese) Talks Next LP

Paid the Cost to Be the Boss drops November 19.

When you go food shopping for your Thanksgiving meal, Snoop Dogg has an extra item you should put on your list.

"Go get you some ham, some chicken wings and a Snoop Dogg CD," he said Monday while visiting New York. Snoop's new solo project, Paid the Cost to Be the Boss, drops November 19 and will showcase his mic skills as well as his politicking skills. He has a bunch of collaborations in his doggy bag.

"The first single is produced by the Neptunes. It's called 'From the Church to the Palace,' " he described as calmy as hostage negotiator. "When I say it's a monster, it's a monster."

Another monster jam he has on tap is song with a certain wild-haired rocker.

"I'm also working on song I have with Lenny Kravitz soon as I get back home," he said. "Me and Lenny been trying to get at each other for the past three or four years, we finally been able to connect the dots and make it happen."

In addition to the 'tunes and Lenny, Redman, his Doggy Style All Stars, producers Jazze Pha, Fredwreck, Just Blaze and Meech Wells all have put their spicy recipes down on the LP.

"It's probably gonna be one of the biggest [albums] I put out, whether it sells seven or eight million or seven or eight thousand," he opined. "It's about the creativity and me making the change and putting together a record I want."

These days, nobody is telling Snoop what to do. Whether it's in the studio or on a video set, he's calling the shots.

"It's the soundtrack to a lifestyle," he described of the first album on Dogghouse Records, the recently released Snoop Dogg Presents ... Welcome to Tha House, Vol. 1. "What I decided to do was put together a record where people can get a chance to see, hear and touch my artists before they came out with solo projects. I wanted to put a record together where they can be showcased by themselves and with me; where the world can say 'This is a talented label and these are talented artists.' "

Members of his musical family Mr. Kane, Soopafly and E-White are all featured throughout the LP, as is LaToiya Williams, who has the first single off the album, "Fallen Star."

"It was an actual song off my album called 'Whatever' and Soopafly liked the beat so much, he was like, 'Let me get the beat and flip it for Toiya.' It's about a relationship she had with a guy and he made her some promises and she ain't falling for the okie-doke."

To make sure the song was represented to fullest visually, Snoop jumped in the director's chair for the clip with co-director Diane Martell and even replaced the Dogg in his last name with "Scorsese" in the video's credits.

"I wanted to bring some old-school flavor to the video because when I hear [LaToiya] voice, she reminds me of Aretha Franklin and artists of the past," he explained. "I didn't want to come with no 2002-looking video, I wanted to come with a video that looks like it's straight out the '70s."