Steve-O Out On Bond After Turning Self In

Stuntman faces obscenity, assault charges stemming from nightclub act in Louisiana.

Steve-O was released on bond Wednesday after turning himself in to authorities in Louisiana, where he faces charges stemming from a nightclub act that included the "Jackass" stunt-monger stapling his scrotum to his thigh and presiding over a stunt in which a bouncer knocked an audience member unconscious.

The 28-year-old performance artist, whose real name is Stephen Glover, originally faced a $1.12 million bond for the felony obscenity and principal to second-degree battery charges (see "Steve-O To Turn Himself In To Louisiana Authorities"), but his lawyer, Robert Glass, successfully argued that Glover was not a flight risk. After posting the reduced $35,000 bond, Glover was released, according to the Terrebonne Parish Correctional Facility.

The incident for which Glover faces charges was caught on tape by an audience member attending the "Jackass" co-star's July 11 solo show at the Abyss in Houma, Louisiana. The tape, obtained by MTV News, reveals the stuntman using a staple gun to attach women's underwear to his chest and, after announcing, "This is not a game — this is strictly to be offensive," stapling his scrotum to his legs.

In between other stunts, bouncers and other volunteers repeatedly hit and kicked audience volunteers in the groin to see who could withstand the pain and remain standing. One 19-year-old volunteer was instructed to try to run between two of the kickers and was slammed headfirst into the stage, where he laid unmoving and crumpled on the floor. While bouncers removed the man, Glover joked, "We got his signature, right?"

Glover plans to cite artistic expression and freedom of speech in his defense (see "Knoxville Calls Beleaguered Steve-O An 'American Hero' ").

Four other people face criminal charges in the wake of the performance (see "Steve-O Suffers For His Art, And It May Land Him In Jail"). Abyss bouncer Milton Cayette, charged with second-degree battery, was released on $20,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court September 3. Abyss manager Lenny Swiderski and club owners George Bourg and Larry Hyatt, charged as principals to obscenity and second-degree battery, were released on $20,000 bond each and are scheduled to appear August 27. Additionally, Terrebonne Parish corrections officer Ernie Dardar was suspended for two weeks without pay for participating in the performance. Like the bouncer, Dardar hit and kicked audience volunteers.

Glover's next step is to prove to a Los Angeles court on Friday that he's fulfilled his waiver of extradition by turning himself in, since he was originally arrested there on a fugitive from justice warrant. He's due back in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, on September 16 for arraignment. If convicted he faces up to eight years in prison, three of which would be for the obscenity charge.

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