Batman And Superman Have To Wait In Line Behind Greek, Trojan Warriors

Director Wolfgang Petersen to develop 'Troy,' based on The Iliad, before 'Batman vs. Superman.'

Batman and Superman will still be battling, but it'll be a few years before anyone gets to see it.

Wolfgang Petersen has placed "Batman vs. Superman" on indefinite hold, in order to commence work on the action epic "Troy" in the spring of next year. According to the director's publicist, Petersen had been developing the two movies simultaneously, and while he still "absolutely" intends to bring the superhero struggle to the big screen, he's moved it down on his list of priorities (see " 'Batman Vs. Superman' Director Hints At What To Expect From Superhero Struggle").

"Of these two projects I have developed at Warner Bros., I had hoped to make 'Troy' first and am pleased that the scheduling worked out that way," Petersen said in a statement. "I'm looking forward to directing 'Batman vs. Superman' in the future."

"Troy" is the latest film version of The Iliad and was scripted by David Benioff ("The 25th Hour").

"Batman vs. Superman" hitting the back burner does clear the way for a few other long-discussed projects starring the legendary DC Comics heroes, including "Requiem for a Dream" director Darren Aronofsky's "Batman: Year One," Ashley Judd's "Catwoman" (see "Sequel Mania — The Other Attack Of The Clones") and the "Superman Lives!" project with McG ("Charlie's Angels") most recently attached to direct and J.J. Abrams (creator of "Felicity" and "Alias") onboard to write.

Fans who were hotly anticipating a chance to see two well-established titans fight it out need not totally despair, though, as a slew of other "versus" movies are still moving full steam ahead.

New Line Cinema has finally gotten serious about "Freddy vs. Jason," pairing the dream slasher of the seven-installments-long "A Nightmare on Elm Street" series with the hockey-masked killer seen most recently in "Jason X" (see "Salt, Jason And A Blonde — This Week's New Flicks"). Paul Anderson ("Resident Evil") will write and direct "Aliens vs. Predator." And as if that weren't enough, vampires will battle werewolves in Kate Beckinsale's "Underworld" (see "Kate Beckinsale's Next Film Mixes Vampires, 'Matrix,' Leather Pants").