Adam Ant Pleads Guilty In Cowboy-Costumed Bar Fight

'80s rocker became distressed when bar patrons mocked his outfit.

You'd think a guy who used to dress up as a gender-bending pirate with tiny braids and a white makeup stripe across his nose could take a bit of ribbing about his sartorial style.

Alas, new wave's Prince Charming is something to be scared of. Eighties pop singer Adam Ant (born Stuart Leslie Goddard) pleaded guilty in a London court on Tuesday (August 13) to participating in a pub brawl during which he used a starter pistol to threaten patrons who'd made fun of his outfit, according to the Associated Press (see "Adam Ant Lands In Mental Hospital After Allegedly Brandishing Fake Gun").

Charges of criminal damage, assault causing bodily harm and possession of an imitation firearm were dropped against the 47-year-old Ant, who was released on bail awaiting an October 2 sentencing hearing.

The incident, according to prosecution lawyers, occurred January 12 when Ant showed up at the Prince of Wales pub in north London wearing a cowboy getup. Patrons began to laugh and mockingly hum the theme song from the 1966 Clint Eastwood spaghetti western "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly," according to the AP report.

The "Goody Two Shoes" singer reportedly stormed out of the bar and returned later in the day with a WWII-era starter pistol that belonged to his father, then threw a car alternator through the pub's window, hitting a local musician. When patrons began chasing him down the street, Ant pulled the gun, "which they thought was genuine, and threatened to shoot them if they didn't back up," Ant's lawyer, David Tomlinson, told the court in an earlier proceeding, according to AP.

Ant was arrested a half-hour later when police found him trying to hail a cab. The report described Ant as looking "pale and drawn" during the proceedings, during which he wore an understated black fedora and tight-fitting pinstripe suit.

According to Ant's Web site, the singer pulled out of the spring and winter editions of the Here & Now Tour 2002, in which he was to take a nostalgic trip around the U.K. with such contemporaries as China Crisis, Go West, Howard Jones and Go-Go's singer Belinda Carlisle.