Nick Carter Has Plenty Of Songs, Few Guests For Solo Album

Backstreet Boy's Now or Never is due October 22.

While Justin Timberlake's solo debut looks to be a star-studded affair,

another singer stepping out from a celebrated pop group is taking the

opposite approach.

Of the 37 tracks Nick Carter has recorded for his first album away from the

Backstreet Boys, only one features guest vocals. And that track, with

dancehall reggae artist Mr. Vegas, may not make the final cut.

"I don't think you need to [collaborate]," Carter explained at Sunday's Teen

Choice Awards (see "Nelly Outsurfs 'NSYNC,

Ja Rule, Usher At Teen Choice Awards"). "The Backstreet Boys didn't

really ever do any collaborations on the albums. For me, personally, I would

love to. But I think just for the first one it would be cool to just show

who I am — let everybody see what I'm about." (Click for photos from the Teen Choice Awards.)

On Now or Never, due October 22, Carter will reveal rock influences

that are not so obvious on his group's material (see "Backstreet's Nick Carter Ready To Go Solo Now").

"People are going to be shocked," he said. "That's what I want. That's the

way I am. I'm unexpectable."

Carter has worked with several producers on the project, including

Backstreet Boys and 'NSYNC associate Max Martin and several up-and-comers.

"It's cool to spread it open a bit and go underground," Carter said. "That's

where you find some really cool producers and writers."

Carter is currently narrowing down the final track list for the album and

assembling a band that he'll likely take on the road.

"It's hard when you sit back and listen to your music in your car and you

just want people to hear it so bad," Carter said. "It's gonna get there. I'm

so excited."

Timberlake's album, which will likely include collaborations with P. Diddy,

the Neptunes and others, does not have a release date (see "Justin Timberlake Working 'NSecret On

Star-Packed Solo LP").