Eve Says 'Barbershop' Role Was Good For Her Booty

Rapper also excited about new LP, which she says has more dance tracks than

With her short locks, Eve has obviously spent a lot of time under the

clippers, but that isn't the only way she was able to connect with her

character in "Barbershop."

"I related to the role because I'm the only girl on Ruff Ryders," and Teri

is the only female barber in the movie, Eve said at Sunday's Teen Choice

Awards (see "Nelly Outsurfs 'NSYNC, Ja

Rule, Usher At Teen Choice Awards"). (Click here for photos.) "And she had some issues with

her boyfriend that I totally understand, so I was cool. She loved him, but

he cheated on her, so she made excuses for him. I've been there."

In "Barbershop," which hits theaters September 13, Eve worked alongside a

cast that included Ice Cube, Sean Patrick Thomas and Cedric the Entertainer.

She spent two months filming in Chicago over the winter for her first

starring role.

"It was cold as hell," Eve said of the experience. "I ate a lot. I gained a

lot of weight, which was good for my booty. It was hard, but it was fun."

Eve also plays a small role in "XXX," which opens Friday, but her biggest

project this month is Eve-olution, her third album, due August 27

(see "Eve Discusses Her Eve-olution Into

An Actress").

There's no Gwen Stefani this time around ("Maybe on my fourth album or her

next album," Eve said), but appearances from Alicia Keys, Snoop Dogg, Nate

Dogg, Truth Hurts, Styles and Jadakiss more than make up for it.

Eve-olution also features a storm of hot producers, including Dr. Dre

("What," "Satisfaction"), Irv Gotti ("Gangsta Lovin'," "Irresistible

Bitch"), Swizz Beatz ("Party in the Rain," "Double R What") and the

Trackmasters ("Figure You Out").

"Even though my last album was only out a year ago, I think there's a

growth," Eve said. "It's way more musical, a lot more dance tracks."

Eve said she's still deciding on the follow-up single to "Gangsta Lovin',"

which features Keys.

Eve-olution track list, according to Interscope:

  • "Intro"

  • "What" f/ Truth Hurts

  • "Gangsta Lovin'" f/ Alicia Keys

  • "Irresistible Bitch"

  • "Party in the Rain"

  • "Argument" (skit)

  • "Let This Go"

  • "Hey Y'all" f/ Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg

  • "Figure You Out"

  • "Stop Hatin'" (skit)

  • "Satisfaction"

  • "Neckbones"

  • "Double R What" f/ Styles, Jadakiss

  • "Ryde Away"

  • "As I Grow"

  • "Eve-olution"