Xzibit Clip Has Bus With Stripper Pole But 'Nothing Corny'

Rapper shoots video for 'Multiply' — first song from upcoming Man vs. Machine.

Xzibit's highly anticipated Man vs. Machine is not even in stores yet

and already the rapper is hyping his next project.

Mid-workout backstage at the Anger Management Tour, X revealed that The

Coast Is Clear, the debut album from his group the Golden State Project,

which includes Ras Kass and Saafir, will be released in February on his own


"We 'bout to hit 'em hard," Xzibit said of his side project. "We've been

talkin' 'bout it, talkin' 'bout it since my first record. And now, you know,

Open Bar Entertainment is a reality. It's my label. We're on Columbia

Records, and it's a whole new push."

Xzibit is certainly elated about the launch of Open Bar Entertainment, but

that's not to say he isn't popping corks over Man vs. Machine.

The album, which features X's usual cronies — Dr. Dre, Eminem and Snoop

Dogg, among others — has been more than a year and a half in the making

(see "Xzibit Takes Pimpin' To Next Level,

Gets Eminem To Spank Dupri On LP").

"I've been training for this album like I've been getting ready to fight

Lennox [Lewis] or something," Xzibit said, with a gym as his fitting

backdrop. "I went back in the studio as soon as I got off the road [last

spring]. And I really had a vision for this album."

Man vs. Machine is a concept album of sorts about the obstacles

Xzibit has faced over the past six years as he developed from an underground

West Coast rapper to a mainstream radio and video star.

"I think I've overcome a lot, and I feel like Man vs. Machine was a

fitting title to personify that struggle," he explained. "[It's] me staying

true to the basic fact that I love the music first and I love the fans and I

get my success when I'm out in front of the crowd. [Whether] there's 30,000

of y'all or five of y'all, I don't care. I got the mic and I'm rippin', and

y'all are goin' off and screaming right back at me. That's real."

Along with Dre and his protégés, X's fourth album features

guest appearances by singer Anthony Hamilton, Brooklyn hardcore rap duo

M.O.P. and his Golden State Project partners.

Dre produced four tracks for the album, while Eminem, Rockwilder, Bink (Fat

Joe), Jelly Roll (Snoop Dogg) and Rick Rock (Jay-Z) also contributed tracks.

The first single, the Dre-produced "Multiply," features additional vocals

from Nate Dogg, who showed up, along with Dre and Busta Rhymes, when Xzibit

filmed the video for the track earlier this month in Los Angeles.

Chris Robinson (P. Diddy, DMX) directed the clip, which follows a caravan of

vehicles through the desert to Las Vegas, where X's next video will pick up.

Xzibit is seen in each of the rides, which include his own Cadillac Escalade

and a tour bus fitted with a stripper pole.

"It's 'Multiply,' so you know, X to the Z all over the place," the rapper

explained on the set of the video. "It's a great concept, nice visual

effects, but nothing corny."

Xzibit said he chose "Multiply" for the first single to provide a smooth

transition between 2000's Restless and Man vs. Machine.

X will head overseas for a short European trek after the Anger Management

Tour ends September 8 (see "Eminem King Of

The Carnival At Anger Management Tour Launch").

Man vs. Machine track list, according to Columbia Records:

  • "Release Date"

  • "Symphony in X Major" f/ Dr. Dre

  • "Multiply" f/ Nate Dogg

  • "Break Yourself"

  • "Heart of Man"

  • "Harder" f/ Golden State Project

  • "Paul"

  • "Choke Me, Spank Me (Pull My Hair)"

  • "Losin' Your Mind" f/ Snoop Dogg

  • "(Hit U) Where It Hurts"

  • "BK to LA" f/ M.O.P.

  • "Say My Name" f/ Eminem, Nate Dogg

  • "My Life, My World"

  • "Gambler" f/ Anthony Hamilton

  • "What a Mess"

  • "Missin' U"

  • "Right On"

  • "Bitch Ass N---az (Interlude)" f/ Eddie Griffin

—Corey Moss, with additional reporting by Iann Robinson and Jonathan Cane