No Fruit, No Vegetables On Next Sloan Album

Canadian rockers hope to have new album in stores next spring.

Canadian rockers Sloan have begun recording demos for a new album that will

have "less of the fruity acoustic songs," according to singer/guitarist Jay


Still, the new disc, which the band hopes to release next spring, won't be

entirely heavy, either. "We're not going to turn into Korn or anything like

that," Ferguson assured after a recent show at New York's Bowery Ballroom.

Ferguson and bandmates Chris Murphy (bass, vocals), Andrew Scott (drums) and

Patrick Pentland (guitar, vocals) formed Sloan in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in

1991 and released their debut LP, Smeared, the following year. Over

the course of five more studio albums, the band demonstrated an ability to

jump from catchy power pop to melancholy acoustic ballads to electric

rock-inspired tracks.

Despite a leaning toward its heavier tendencies this time around, the band doesn't plan to bring outside musicians to beef things up. "We're xenophobic," Ferguson quipped. "We don't want anybody in our inner circle. I think there's enough ideas and enough stuff going on in our own band."

They are, however, considering bringing back former sound tech and

co-producer of last year's Pretty Together, Brenndan McGuire, to

produce the new LP.

Due in part to the band's ever-evolving sound, Ferguson could offer little

in terms of describing Sloan's next release. "You never know what's going to

happen until you start recording," he said. "Just stick with us."