Ruff Ryders Plan 'Full Blowout' With New DMX, Jadakiss LPs

Co-CEO Waah says plans in works for Styles to record in jail.

With Styles' A Gangster and a Gentleman moving over 200,000 units in just two weeks and Eve's Eve-olution on tap for August 27, the Ruff Ryders are looking to finish the year strong with releases by DMX and Jadakiss.

"We're going to have a full blowout. It's going down," Double R co-CEO Waah said on Monday from the Ruff Ryders' office in Yonkers, New York. "X is working. We're looking to make another statement with X."

Waah said the lineup of collaborators for DMX's album is still being finalized. Despite rumors of friction between Ruff Ryders producer Swizz Beatz and DMX, the two will be banging out tracks.

"They've got three songs they're gonna do," Waah said of his nephew Swizz and DMX. "Everybody is on the same page. X don't take that long to do. We're about to drop him in December."

Swizz is also going to be present on Jadakiss' second solo album, while Jada appears on Swizz's upcoming G.H.E.T.T.O. Stories Vol. 1 via "Big Business" with Ronald "Mr. Biggs" Isley (see "Swizz Beatz Riffs Off 'The Crazy-Legged Guy' For New Video"). A video for the song is currently being discussed.

"Jada's in the lab. He's getting ready to drop some strong hip-hop," Waah said. "We're looking forward to dropping him before the year is out. Kiss has about five or six songs he's ready to lay. He's expecting to take it to the next level, so he's taking his time with it."

One of Kiss' partners in the LOX, Styles, is going to have plenty of time on his hands toward the close of 2002. He's heading to an upstate New York prison in November or December to serve time for assault.

"He still has a little bit more time to work before he's gotta go in," Waah said. "He's just hustling, moving around doing his shows, getting his videos together. 'Daddy Get That Cash' is gonna be the next joint. We're getting a video for that. We gonna keep him bubbling for the next six months. He's gonna be rolling."

Waah is putting plans into motion so that the six to eight months Styles is expected to serve won't slow him down.

"I'm looking forward to doing his second album in jail," Waah disclosed. "I'm looking to do his album behind the bars, behind the bricks. We got outlets for it. It's in the making. Styles is hungry, he stays on point. Look out for him.

"He ain't got nothing but time to think [when he's incarcerated]," he explained. "He ain't gotta move around that much. He's got a library of books to read, a lot of jail stories, war stories, he's gonna be ready. When he comes home, we drop that album, it's ugly. They think this [first] album is hard? They ain't seen nothing yet."

Ruff Ryders already have a couple of releases for 2003 on their radar as well. Drag-On is planning to release his next LP, and MC Jin, who gained national attention by winning battles on BET's "106 & Park" Freestyle Friday segment, is recording his debut.